Fangirlish’s FEELS of the Week: October 22nd – October 28th

Welcome to another Sunday of talking about the shows that made us laugh, cry, go awww and, of course, look around and wonder what in the world was happening. If it made us feel things, whether they were good, or bad, then this is where we talk about it. This is where you tell us if you agree. This is where we let it all out.

So, without further ado, here are these week’s picks:

Badass Female Character of the Week


Lizzie: Lorna Dane, aka Polaris, aka the best character on The Gifted. All she needed was half a chance and she got herself (and Reed) out of jail with just sheer badassery, and SHE jumped into the arms of her love, because Lorna Dane needs no one to save her, okay?

Nora: Maggie Rhee on The Walking Dead. She’s been my favorite character since day one and I’m so happy she’s in the spotlight showcasing her badass self! She’s not only the leader of the Hilltop, but someone Rick is looking up too. It’s incredible to see her transformation from the scared season two farmgirl to the badass leader, who will not let Negan take away anything else from her! Maggie Rhee for President!

Kayla: Kara Zor-El. Supergirl. The most epic scene in the entire episode was when Kara comes driving up in J’onn’s car blasting “Hit Me, Baby, One More Time”. Not only did it provide comic relief to a scene that needed it, but to an entire episode that needed it. Just doing that makes Kara such a badass diffusing the situation that way. She’s always a badass, but I just really love that scene. She also helps J’onn with his dad through the episode. She got him to see that it really was J’onn and that he really did want to help him. Go Kara!

Erin: For me the badass of the week was Felicity on Arrow. And let me tell you why. Because that woman is strong as fuck. She’s always trying to be there for everyone, but this week – she did something for herself. She allowed herself to think outside Team Arrow, and realize that she can have her life. She can do big things and is meant for big things. But even in the face of being strong, she also allowed herself vulnerability. She allowed herself to be open to loving and being with Oliver again. She’s the combination of strength and vulnerability and I respect that about her.

Lyra: ELEVENNNNN! That girl defeated the demogorgon and kept fighting every step of the way on Stranger Things. I don’t want to get into it because spoilers and what not but if there’s one badass character you should be praying to this Halloween it’s Eleven.

OTP of the Week


Danielle: I’m basically copying what Lizzie had said about Claire and Jamie in Outlander, but it’s totally true. I must have seen this past episode, “A. Malcolm”, at least 4 times this past week. They didn’t rush into going back into their relationship; they took it slow, but were surer than their wedding night all those years ago. I loved their little, awkward moments, like bumping heads and hidden smiles under the covers. I loved their talking moments, as well. I just love their love so, so much!! OTP For life!!

Lizzie: Praise the Lord, I can put Olicity here. I was afraid Arrow would never manage to get good again and I’d just have to forget about it. But here we are, with Oliver and Felicity back together AT LAST, no drama for the sake of drama, Oliver doing the thing that makes sense, Felicity responding in the way that makes sense and William not being an obstacle just for the sake of being one. It’s almost like common sense is back!

Nora: Anyone who knows me knows I had a GREAT week for my OTP’s! Let’s start with Jamie and Claire because man, oh man, was that print shop episode everything I hoped for and more! They are back together and I am literally crying just thinking about it. As I watched the episode (again and again) I fell back in love with Jamie and Claire as they fell back in love with each other!

And just like Lizzie, I am SO SO happy I can put Olicity in this category again! My OTP found their groove again and I couldn’t be happier. Their banter was back on point and there was NO drama for the sake of drama. They found their way back to each other and started acting like their pre-season five selves! I am so happy and can’t wait to see where this goes! I AM LIVING ON CLOUD NINE!

Lacey: Jamie & Claire, Outlander. Oh. Muh. Gawd!!! That reunion was everything I dreamed of and more!!! Well worth the wait! To see Jamie and Claire together again and how strong that fire and their love still was was breathtaking!! The breathless shudders and gasps as they touched and kissed for the first time in over 20 years, I had damn chills!! It was absolutely stunning to watch and Sam and Caitriona were perfection as always!

Erin: Can we just admit that this is a hard one this because Olicity on one hand and Jamie & Claire from Outlander on the other hand. Both had me screaming this week. LIKE OMG – two couples that I love back together. Two couples meant to be together. It was a good week for OTP’s. A really good week.

Jade: I have to give this to Olicity. Maybe I’m getting too old, but I get incredibly frustrated with overdone romantic drama-for-the-sake-of-drama. I expected Arrow to put Oliver and Felicity back together this season, of course, but that didn’t lessen my giant sigh of relief to see them do it. I just hope they leave these two alone and let them be happy for a little while!

Moment that made you collapse into a puddle of FEELS


Lizzie: Literally every second of that Outlander episode. I get chills just thinking about it. It’s not even just the reunion, though yes, there’s that, it’s how slow the show took it, how Jamie and Claire basically re-discovered each other, reaffirmed their love, it’s his face when he saw Brianna’s picture, it’s every reminder that time had passed, but in their hearts, it hadn’t. It’s just ….too much. I need to go watch it again.

Nora: I’m with Lizzie on this one. Outlander DESTROYED me this week! That Jamie and Claire reunion was emotional to say the very least. I was a WRECK! From Jamie and Claire talking about Brianna to Claire being self-conscious about getting older to literally everything in between! It was all too much and I used like two boxes of tissues! Also, one of the best episode of the series in my opinion!

Lacey: Going to have to third that and say Outlander for all the reasons listed above!! If you aren’t watching this show, I just have one question for you, “Why the hell not?!” It’s life changing!! Huge thanks to my friend Cris for pushing me to watch it because holy hot damn do I love the hell out of this passionate, phenomenal show!

Erin: I cried my way through This Is Us, like I do every single week. The thing is that this show challenges us to think and appreciate people more. But when Jack wouldn’t/didn’t want to come back and see his father… well, I got it. And I appreciate that this show is willing to hit at the hard things. It’s willing to not shy away from the things that we don’t want to say. This show is just amazing.

Chloe: I’m co-signing the Outlander feels, but also wanted to give a shout out to a moment from Riverdale. Kevin’s father, Sheriff Keller, confronted him after finding out that Kevin had been lying about his whereabouts and cruising to pick up men in the woods (all while a killer is on the loose and has already struck in said woods). Instead of getting angry or criticizing Kevin’s choices, the Sheriff stressed that he needed to know his son was safe and opened the floor for the two of them to start having more open communication about Kevin’s sexuality and life in general. It was a beautiful moment, and it’s deservedly getting a lot of love online.

Lyra: *turn away if you haven’t watched Stranger Things yet* In episode 2 of season 2 I was a puddle of feels watching Eleven hide in the cold, under a tree, and in the dark from those who were hunting her. You could feel how alone, desperate, and scared she was and I simply broke. Eleven deserves a happy and safe home.

Superhero of the Week


Danielle: In This is Us, when Jack said to Rebecca when she’d asked if he wanted to come back and see his dying father, he said, “No, that man’s been dead to me for a long time.” That gut-punched me!! To have an abusive, alcoholic father and to grow up to be an amazing father, Jack has it all. Granted, Jack has had his share of alcoholism problems, but I think if he did go back, that trauma would have made him go back to alcohol again. That’s why I was so proud of him for staying with his fighting boys in the woods haha!

Lacey: Preach, The Brave. When Preach knowingly put himself in danger this week in order to save the hostages, it was a true act of courage. He didn’t think twice about himself or his well being, just that he had to fight to get innocent people to safety. He is a representation of the true heroes that risk their lives everyday and it was humbling to watch.

Erin: The entire cast of Seal Team. This show constantly amazes me every week and hits me in the feels. I have so much respect for this show, I have so much love for it. But the way that these characters are written, the way that this show is, I just can’t look away from it. I don’t miss it. It’s the one show I watch live.

Lyra: Sam Winchester on Supernatural. He wasn’t out on the field kicking ass, ending ghosts, and saving the world. This Winchester was taking on an even more important task in “Patience.” He was saving Jack. This nephilim has so many people vying for him, angels and demons who think they know who he is and what he’ll become. Sam is giving him the choice to become whoever the hell he wants to be and making sure that Jack’s knows that he’s worthy of being saved. And that pulled on my heart strings, big time. It made me think of the real heroes in our lives, the ones who believe in us, the ones who are the real heroes.

Quote of the Week

 shannara chronicles lyria eritrea GIF

Lizzie: Claire: How do you know what I’m like now? I could be a horrible person for all you know.

Jamie: Suppose you might be, at that. But d’ye know, Sassenach, I dinna think I care. – Outlander

Danielle: No black man will ever be jealous to be auctioned off. #AmericanHistory– Randall, This is Us

Jade: “You have failed this city!” Cisco, taking laser tag WAY too seriously, The Flash

Nora: “His life will be better with you in it… Just like mine.” – Oliver Queen, Arrow

Kayla: “You should be dead by all accounts. You must be bloody immortal.” – Rogers to Weaver, after Weaver gets shot by Tilly, Once Upon A Time

Hannah: “Life isn’t about finding a man. It’s about finding yourself.” An important message shared by Reese Witherspoon on The Mindy Project.

Lacey: “It has always been forever, for me, Sassenach.” – Jamie Fraser, Outlander

Chloe: “No need to be so thirsty, Veronica.” – Hermione Lodge, Riverdale

Lyra: “I met someone. I was happy for awhile.” – Eritrea, The Shannara Chronicles

WTF Moment of the Week

 supergirl fake latinx maggie sawyer GIF

Lizzie: This is all you, Supergirl. All you. And there’s blame to go around: From the Producers and everyone in a position of power who thought, oh yes, let’s make Maggie Sawyer a latinx because diversity is a thing and then didn’t care to hire actual latinx actors, to the casting department who apparently didn’t know better, to the writers who could have just decided to make Maggie an Italian and not insult people, to Floriana Lima who not only took the role, but avoided questions about her background for ages and then, before this episode, gave an interview that was so tone deaf it was offensive implying that the “culture” had something to do with the way Maggie’s father behaved, aka homophobia is a cultural issue.

Look, Supergirl, in case you needed this explained in simple words: Casting two non latinx actors to play latinx characters is an insult to the latinx community. Trying to tell a story about the latinx experience, of even commenting on it, like Floriana Lima did, when you don’t belong to it, is insulting to the latinx community.  This episode was a major slap in the face, and it makes me reconsider if this is how I want to invest my time, on a show that doesn’t understand me, doesn’t respect me and doesn’t care about me.

Kayla: Everything Lizzie said. I’m not part of the latinx community, so I can’t truly speak for it, but seeing representation this poorly done on a show that I’ve loved for so long hurts. Representation matters. You have to do it properly. This wasn’t that. They need to be more cautious about how they handle representation in every way. Everyone from the actor they cast, the casting directors, the writers, to the producers.

Jade: I wanted to give this to Lucifer for trying too hard to force a setup of a love triangle. But I just couldn’t do it. Supergirl is definitely the winner hands down this week. Like Kayla, I’m not part of the latinx community, and I don’t want to speak for it. However, I spent way more time with a look of horror and disgust on my face than I should during this kind of show. It was insulting, insensitive, and poorly handled all around. And on top of all that, it was poorly written, undermining the emotion the writers were trying to build throughout the episode. There was really no silver lining in this WTF. Over the last couple of months, the Supergirl show runners have demonstrated a depth of tone-deafness that is staggering, even for the CW.

Lacey: *Gives Lizzie a standing ovation* Everything she said and more!

Erin: Read Lizzie’s cause that is everything I want to say and more.

Lyra: We all have a line. That place and moment where you’re like, “Nope. This shit ain’t happening. Bye Felicia” I’ve drawn my line and said bye to my Felicia when it comes to Supergirl and this fake Latina storyline they’re trying to push down my throat with a Spaniard attached to her hip talking about people building a wall when THE PRESIDENT IS A FEMALE ALIEN! *deep breath Ly, deep breath* As I was saying, the story that Supergirl was trying to tell was pulled down by the fake that it’s “Latina” character wasn’t actually a Latina. Every time Maggie opened her mouth and spoke Spanish or talked about her struggles in a Latinx home, I wanted to say, “You liar. You don’t know what this feels like.” It broke whatever connection I had with Maggie or her story. And before you comment on how it was an open casting call and she can do whatever she wants, it’s true, it was an open casting call…but she knew that they were looking to fill a spot for a Latina character. As an Italian woman who was hella pale before…why did she choose to go? Why did she choose to accept the role? And why did the producers and the show think this was ok?

Point is, if you’re going to try to sell me a story about my people and my struggles, the least you could do is own up to the fact that you didn’t want to go all the way and actually hire someone like me. This isn’t just a Floriana problem. Latinx actors have always been pushed aside because they’re not “Latino or Latina” enough or the real flavor that Americans want to see on TV, which is that “Italian looking Latino.” Newsflash Hollywood: Latinx people come in all shapes, colors, and sizes and are ready to work when you are! You don’t need to hire fakes with an admittedly wonderful tan. Hire us! We’re only a phone call away!

Agree? Disagree? Have another moment you think we missed? Share with us in the comments below!

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