‘The Blacklist’ 5×06 Photos: ‘The Travel Agency’

NBC has released the photos for tonight’s new episode of The Blacklist, “The Travel Agency”. As we saw in the trailer last week, the episode will focus on Cooper as he asks Red for help in saving a missing friend. The situation has to be extremely serious and life threatening to his friend, as Cooper would never ask Red for help unless he absolutely had to. Cooper accepts Red’s involvement with the task force because he knows that he is a vital asset, but their relationship has been more than  little rocky lately. Red has continued to make questionable decision after questionable decision in the eyes of Cooper, and it has caused him to be extremely wary of anything that Red says or does. To Cooper (and pretty much anyone who’s paying attention) it seems that whatever Red does is for personal gain, whether it helps the task force or not. He is there entirely for his own purposes, and the arrangement has been putting more and more of a strain on Cooper’s conscience and ideas of morality.

It’s exciting to finally have an episode that focuses on Cooper as I don’t think we’ve ever had one. Cooper has had his own story lines of course, but never an episode focused completely on him. However, I am disappointed that Ressler and the rest of the task force, like Aram and Samar, do not appear in the photos for “The Travel Agency”. They were already a much smaller focus of last week’s episode than it seemed they would be, and unfortunately it looks like they might be pushed into the background this week too. I’m hoping that Ressler’s struggle with Henry Prescott will at least be focused on somewhat in “The Travel Agency.” However, the synopsis does describe that Ressler is leading the task force on a mission to stop a murder-for-hire-ring, so it looks like he may be a big focus of the episode after all!

Check out the gallery and read the synopsis for “The Travel Agency” below.


While Cooper enlists Red on a case of personal importance, Ressler leads the Task Force on a mission to stop the resurgence of a once-dormant murder-for-hire ring. Determined to find answers, Tom disregards a warning to halt his investigation into the suitcase.
The Blacklist airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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