‘Blindspot’ 3×02 Sneak Peeks: “Enemy Bag of Tricks”

This week’s  Blindspot episode  is almost here! We only have 1 day left! Are you looking forward to seeing it as much as we are?. We have very time little left before we get to enter in the mysterious and attractive world of Blindspot. While the episode arrives, thanks to Spoiler TV, we leave you two sneak peeks of 3×02 “Enemy Bag of Tricks” that give us an idea of what we will see on Friday. Here we go!.



In the first sneak peek we can feel the tension in the team when Reade, exercising his new position, gives the orders to withdraw because the lead they were following didn’t seem real. Kurt is opposed to this decision, and Reade has to reorder the withdrawal more firmly.

This situation causes a small confrontation between them. Jane tries to calm Kurt – my Jeller heart! – by telling him that maybe Reade was right but Kurt knows they’re on the right track. And he was absolutely right, the satellite they were looking for falls where they are right at that moment.

Meanwhile, Zapata also approaches Reade to talk about what happened to Kurt and Reade makes clear what his position is.

This clash between the new dynamic of the team and the old one, I think, will be central during these first episodes and also, it will give us very good moments. A proof of this is the second sneak peek.


If in the first advance the tension was felt, in this second it reaches unsuspected limits. Again, Reade and Kurt collide when both give orders, Reade looks at him defiantly, since Kurt no longer commands. A similar situation is what Patterson has with Scott. He’s explaining to the Team what they have found out, but Patterson insists on doing it and in the end she does.

A new dynamic in the team that will bring a new twist to the family that they are and will put them to the test. We can expect big crashes and awesome scenes.

Have you liked these new sneak peeks?. Are you even more excited than before for the episode? We are! Don’t hesitate to share your opinion in the comments below!.

Blindspot airs Fridays at 8/7c on NBC.

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