Fangirlish Interviews Wattpad Author RS Kovach

No matter your reading preference, you will find endless options to fall in love with on Wattpad. Romance? They got you covered. Horror? Yup, that’s there too. Romantic horror? Sure! So obviously with all these options comes the daunting feeling of finding the best of the best to curl up and read for hours on end.

That is where Fangirlish comes in, bringing you special features with some of the best authors on Wattpad. One of such authors is RS Kovach, author of The Last Resort (published with Simon & Schuster) and countless other incredible reads. If you want stories that you can sit and devour without stopping, RS is for you!

She took time out of her busy schedule to give Fangirlish a little insight into her work, her love of writing, and what stories are her favorite!

What made you choose to write on Wattpad?

As with a lot of other creative-types back in the late 2000s, the success of TWILIGHT inspired me to try my hand at creative writing. My “hey, I can do that” moment led me in 2009 to start writing a paranormal romantic suspense centered around an immortal art historian that over the next four years would turn into my 120K word (450 or so pages) book called WATERS OF OBLIVION. I wanted people to read this book, but I didn’t have any luck with querying agents (boy, those first query letters were horrible – I would have rejected myself based on them, too!). This was back around 2013 and FIFTY SHADES OF GREY had already been out for a while, so it was pretty common knowledge that it started out on Because of this, I knew that online reading/writing sites existed, so I originally joined’s sister site to post my book. That very brief experience was very underwhelming because FP wasn’t set up for reader involvement and it was very hard to get noticed. I must have turned to Google for an alternative, and voila! I found Wattpad. Four years later, I have 19K followers, I’m part of the Stars Program, I’ve gotten several paid commissions for writing, and I’ve gotten published all thanks to being on the site.

What is your favorite story on Wattpad at the moment?

One of my favorite books on Wattpad is a contemporary Gothic story called SET ME FREE by London Setterby (@elsetterby ) It’s set during the winter in New England, it has amazing voice, and it draws you into the mystery so well. I just couldn’t put it down! The book I’ve started reading lately that is completely different, but just as engrossing is the historical romance THE CONVICT’S SON by Juliet Lyons (@julietlyons). It takes place around the time of World War I and is set in Australia, both of which are uncommon in this genre.

Tell us a bit about your favorite story of yours on Wattpad.

I guess that would be my pirate adventure PLUNDER! It’s my favorite because I wrote it on a whim and purely for myself, just for fun. It was finished in five months and it has become my most popular story on the site with over 2.8M reads. I didn’t take the plot seriously (it was called THE PIRATE KING AND I initially, for goodness sakes!), and it has all the usual tropes, but I tried to upend clichés and throw some twists in it, which my readers seem to enjoy. The heroine is a smart and brave Latina girl with black hair and dark skin, and I’ve gotten numerous comments from readers saying how much they enjoy and appreciate getting a likeable main character who looks like them! Because it’s an 18th century pirate story set in the Caribbean, there are some Dutch characters too and it’s funny how many readers from Holland also comment about seeing their language in a Wattpad book.

What has been your proudest author moment?

I’ve had so many great opportunities thanks to Wattpad so it’s really hard to pin down one moment, but it has been an immense honor to be invited to speak on panels at not one, but two WattCons. I was in London in 2015 and in New York City in 2016 to talk about how participating in anthologies, writing groups, and contests on the site had made me a better writer, and eventually, landed me two publishing contracts. (My short story Between Earth and Sky was published in the ONCE UPON NOW collection from Gallery Books/Simon & Schuster in 2016 thanks to a Wattpad contest sponsored by Target, and my debut, contemporary romance THE LAST RESORT was published by Pocket Star Books/Simon & Schuster in 2017 thanks to my win in the XOXO After Dark contest.)

What would you tell someone who is thinking of writing on Wattpad but nervous?

If you don’t share your work with others, you’ll never know how to make it better. Believe in yourself. Put your best work out there (use spellcheck, correct capitalization and punctuation, please), but know that it isn’t perfect. Anonymity is okay. Take criticism – even that which isn’t presented in a constructive way – seriously, but don’t let it get you down. Use it to improve your craft. Read others and make friends. Leave honest, useful comments and they’ll eventually be returned. And don’t do what I originally did with WOO by posting all 40 chapters of your book all at once! J

Endless thanks to RS for taking the time to chat with us! And if you are in the market for an awesome read, be sure to check her out!

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