Fangirlish Interviews Wattpad Author Lavinia Leigh

Some writers have a knack for drawing you in to the stories they create. Like taking a trip through their mind, seeing the scenes as clear as day and enjoying every minute of it. When those stories are adorable adventures of romance and fun that make you laugh and relate like few others, then that journey is even more fun.

Lavinia Leigh is such an author. Her Wattpad story Sugar Lust has been published as Flirt with Limitless Publishing to rave reviews and amazon listing. Her current project, Cupids Crappy Love Story, is a humor laced romance that is unlike anything else we’ve read.

Check out our interview with this amazing author!

What made you decide to use Wattpad?

I think like most writers when they start to write a story they really like, I was deciding what I wanted for future for the story and what I could do with it. I spent some time googling writing forums to post it on and found Wattpad. I signed up and started reading. It wasn’t until I read a book that was aimed at a younger reader that I thought perhaps Wattpad might be a place for me to post my own story. It took a bit of courage, but eventually I did, and I’m thrilled I did.

What is your favorite story on the forum at the moment?

That is such a hard question with so many amazing books on there. If I had to choose one, it would be In a Heartbeat by Tamoja.

Tell us a bit about your favorite story of yours on wattpad.

Cupid’s Crappy Love Story is my favorite. The situations the main character gets herself into make me laugh out loud. I have fun asking myself, what is the most ridiculous thing that could happen right now and then make it happen.

What has been your proudest author moment?

Definitely holding my first published book in my hand. It was early in the morning and my daughter went out the door to go to school and the box of books was sitting on the front porch. We opened them all up together as a whole family and it was incredibly special.

What would you tell someone who is thinking of writing on wattpad but feeling nervous?

I’d tell them just to jump in and do it. The first several times I hit the publish button I literally did it with my eyes closed, looking in the opposite direction. It was scary, but after doing it so many times, I can promise you, it gets easier.

What is the last book you read? Would you suggest it to others? Why or why not?

The last book I read was, Follow me Back, by A.V. Geiger. I am crazy about this book. I hadn’t read it on Wattpad before it was published but decided since she was going to be a panellist at Wattcon in Toronto I’d read it. It was well written, interesting, topical, and unpredictable. I’d definitely recommend it.

What advice would you give to people participating in Nanowrimo?

The best advice I can give is, don’t think, just write. If you spend a lot of time worrying about what the words you’re writing should be, you’ll never finish. I don’t even let spelling, proper grammar, or punctuation get in my way of achieving my word count. It means I need to do a lot of editing in the end, but I do have a manuscript to edit which I think is the point of Nano.

We are obviously fangirls at fangirish, what do you fangirl over?

I’m a huge Dr. Who and Harry Potter Fan, but I’ve added Riverdale, Andi Mack, and We Bare Bears to my obsession list.

Tell us a bit about Flirt…its been doing so well on Amazon

Flirt is a romance novel that was just published in August of this year. The main character is Emmeline who is seventeen when she finds herself pregnant and in a firestorm of disapproval from her social climbing mother. Sadly, she’s the easiest to deal with. But, with Nicholas by her side, they are determined to make it, until the worst happens. Through tragedy and torment, Emmeline forges a new life for herself, supported all along by a man who’s a total flirt.

You are currently writing Cupid’s Crappy Love Story…tell us about it!

Cupid’s Crappy Love Story is a riches to rags story. Danica, the main character’s life was perfect, perhaps a little too perfect. It didn’t hurt that she had Cupid watching out for her. But when Cupid loses a bet and has to leave Danica to her own devices, things quickly spiral out of control. It doesn’t take long for Cupid to realize there is more going on than he knows.

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