‘How To Get Away With Murder’ 4×6 Review: Stay Strong, Mama

So much happens on this week’s episode of How To Get Away With Murder, it’s making my head spin!

In a good way where the storyline is getting pretty heated up and Viola Davis’ performance knocks it out of the park once again. Ugh, love her.

Annalise teams up with Connor with her class act lawsuit work and he helps her out. I’m glad to see Connor getting out there and doing something, instead of moping around at home. It’s better for him that way, and he seems to be so comfortable around Annalise. Like she gets him or something in that realm. Truth be told, Connor can hate Annalise all he wants, but Annalise KNOWS them all. As much as they all would want to deny it, they can’t.

Meanwhile, in therapy time with Issac, we learn a lot about Annalise and about Issac too. Is Annalise driving her therapist back to therapy, himself? That was a trip! Not only is Issac’s therapist his ex-wife but we also know that Annalise and Issac share a similar heartbreak–losing a child.

Annalise pouring her heart out to Issac was such a raw and honest moment. An acting gift pretty much Viola is so perfect at. She really makes you FEEL. Annalise talking about how sick and tired she is of people telling her stir her feelings to a different direction, one that is complete opposite to how she’s really feeling can get annoying sometimes.

If she wants to be angry, let her be angry. If she wants to feel guilty and she knows that she’s guilty for it, let her feel that as well. This is something we as humans can get fed up with. I know I do. When people think they know 100% what’s best for you, they really don’t.

News flash! You are in charge of how you feel, and every feeling is valid.

This honesty takes a lot of courage, and coming from Annalise that usually bottles up everything is a big step for her recovery. Even admitting to wanting a drink in that moment shows how she’s opening up more.

But Issac. I don’t know how this will pan out for him. Annalise’s story is triggering him, as much as he knows it and ALSO breaking that doctor-patient confidentiality with his own therapist, not sure how it’ll all fall out.

But he genuinely believes that with everything that Annalise is sharing, he thinks that he is the best therapist for her in this matter.

I think he’s doing alright so far. Don’t you?

Meanwhile, onto project “Let’s Avenge Wes’ Murder”, Michaela, Oliver and Laurel are in a tight spot as they’re getting closer to taking down Laurel’s father isn’t as easy they’d like it to be. Especially when this all can jeopardize Michaela’s future as she’s risking a lot behind Tegan’s back. It’s unfair for her, but I really hope it doesn’t mess with her career.

Laurel’s father is creepy, and I just hope he doesn’t figure out Laurel is onto him, because, we all want that justice for Wes.

Speaking of creepy…what the heck Asher?!

Did not see that teddy bear camera idea coming. He was really that insecure of Michaela. Sheesh. I’d expect for him to react in a more compassionate way when Michaela reveals the truth about her secrecy, but at the same I get that he’s mad he was out of the loop.

But he shouldn’t have to react like that. She wasn’t cheating on him. But at least now he’s in the loop and Connor and Annalise should be next. This time, they should tell them both face-to-face. I want Connor and Annalise to know already!

Heck even Bonnie and Frank, too!

We’ve got two more episodes left before the winter finale, man these episodes are flying by!

Other thoughts:

  • I love Frank! I love how he wants to be there for Laurel. Please don’t treat him like trash, Laurel. Something tells me the baby might ACTUALLY be his. Either way, Frank wants to be there for her. His baby or not. Honorable man, Frank. And great job on doing well on that LSAT!
  • Bonnie is digging a deeper hole for herself.
  • I honestly forget that Nate exists in the show. He just pops up in scenes every now and then like a ghost.
  • In the flash-forward, Annalise is bleeding in the shower–WHAT IS HAPPENING?!
  • Issac watching the video of his daughter was heartbreaking. The loss of losing a child is never easy,

What did you think of this episode of How To Get Away With Murder? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

How To Get Away With Murder airs Thursdays at 10/9c on ABC!

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