1D Chronicles: Week Ending 11/04/17

Its that time of week again! Time to get caught up on all things One Direction as our favorite four take on the solo music world! This week has some humor, some drama, some anticipation and a little bit of me being sad for missing a certain members Toronto show, but we will break it all down for you!

Here is the 1D Chronicles for this week.


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Harry is well known for making us fall. For his music, for his sweet soul, and for his heart stuttering good looks. But it seems Harry has been falling lately too, but this time it is our fault. Fans at his Manchester concert took to tossing Kiwi’s on stage during the singers fruit named tune, and it caused him to take a bit of a tumble. This isnt the first time Harry has biffed it on stage, and probably wont be the last. But for future shows, please, keep the fruit throwing to a minimum.

In other Styles news, rumors about his next music video, this time for fan favorite Kiwi, has been circulating, and it is a brilliant concept. The video will feature 29 children, all dressed in some of Harry’s most iconic fashion looks. He is well known as a fashion trend setter, never afraid to step outside of the box with what he wears. So we cant freaking wait to see how this video plays out. He teased it with a post on Twitter, and needless to say, fans went crazy.

The video will be released November 8th.

DC ?? ? @conormcdphoto

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This has been an exciting week for the Irish one. Not only has he been slaying crowds far and wide on his Flicker Sessions tour, but now he can officially call himself a number one chart topping solo artist. Flicker official hit the #1 spot on the Billboard chart, with more than 152,000 units sold for the week of October 28. Of course, Niall took to Twitter to thank fans and express his excitement on the achievement.

On a personal note, Nialler played in Toronto this past week, and poor little me couldnt attend. On top of that, a friend of mine who is a radio DJ got to host lucky contest winners to Nialls sound check, meet the Irish one, and interview him. Needless to say, I have been eating my feelings since Wednesday.

Can’t wait for you to see this video on Monday! #BedroomFloor

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This hasn’t been a great week for Payno. Early on, word came from the X Factor set, saying that he and girlfriend Cheryl had been less than hospitable with their appearance. After performing his latest single, Bedroom Floor, Liam left the stage to cheers and admiration. But then he appeared again, looping behind presenter Dermot O’Leary, and interrupted the show’s closing segment to grab girlfriend Cheryl from her seat and march off with her through the audience. Many within the crowd watched with confusion at the scene. Liam addressed the issue earlier in the week, saying he was ‘told to go the wrong way’ by producers following his performance.

To make a week worse for Payno, during a performance on BBC One, he forgot the words to his own song. It was an awkward moment, but he handled it well, recovering quickly.

On a more positive note, the video for Bedroom Floor is in the works, and Payno thrilled fans as he shared an audio clip of son Bear’s adorable giggle on social.

Just Like You

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In comparison to his band mates, Tommo has had a rather chill week. Tweeting about jamming with the band in prep for a ‘big year’, and working on rehearsals, he assures us that the new music sounds ‘big’. He has been working hard on his solo album, already releasing Just Hold On and Back to You to rave reviews and reception from fans.

While he has yet to give us a release date for the highly anticipated album, the fact he is in rehearsals makes us wondering if it is coming sooner than we thought…we sure hope so!

Check back next week for more 1D Chronicles!

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