Fangirlish’s FEELS of the Week: October 29th – November 4th

Welcome to another Sunday of talking about the shows that made us laugh, cry, go awww and, of course, look around and wonder what in the world was happening. If it made us feel things, whether they were good, or bad, then this is where we talk about it. This is where you tell us if you agree. This is where we let it all out.

So, without further ado, here are these week’s picks:

Badass Female Character of the Week


Jade: I’m going to have to give it to Chloe on Lucifer this week. It’s a rather understated moment, but it was badass in its own way. A subplot throughout the episode was Chloe trying to teach her daughter, Trixie, not to curse. In the end, she realizes that she hasn’t been fair to her daughter, in setting rules but not explaining the reasoning behind them. She explains that cursing makes people feel bad, and that’s why she doesn’t want Trixie to do it. She’s never been my favorite character on Lucifer. However, in showing Trixie the respect of treating her like a person who can make the decision to do the right thing, she really won me over. She was a badass mom this week.

Nora: Felicity Megan Smoak! Arrow this week was just incredible for a number of reasons, but watching Felicity command the episode was truly one of my favorite moments. Not only did she have a storyline with Oliver and the Team, but she also had her own moments AND THAT’S ALL I EVER WANTED ARROW. It’s like you finally realize that Felicity is an essential part of your show and people like her! Felicity kicked some serious ass as she went head to head with Black Siren and Cayden James. It was great and I continue to bow down to Felicity Smoak!

Kayla: Regina, I mean Roni, on Once Upon A Time. It was like she was reading my thoughts through the entire episode. Not only was she trying to stop Henry from getting with Ivy, but to encourage him to get with Jacinda. I was like, “YES!” Also, she deleted Ivy’s texts to Henry and goes after Ivy herself. I was like I know deep inside this is the Evil Queen, but in this episode she was a hero and a total badass to save my new favorite ship from unnecessary relationship drama.

Lariel: I agree with Nora, for all the reasons she gave. But I also give points to Zari on Legends of Tomorrow, for her interactions with both the young and adult versions of Ray Palmer. I just enjoyed that so much. And then when she used her totem to bring their bikes into the sky – just perfect!

OTP of the Week


like 47 love declarations and no macho posturing or even the possibility of facing life as anything other than a team.

But, also – how good is it to be able to say Olicity, Olicity, Olicity in this spot again? Because wasn’t that episode all we wanted for them, and even all we didn’t know we needed? Such character development. Such growth! It’s like they’re partner, but for real this time, no trust issues, full respect. It makes me heart soar. Thank you, Arrow.

Nora: Wow, two week’s in a row is a pleasant change of pace, but Olicity wins this category for me. They were so freaking cute in this episode I couldn’t take it. From the adorable parallel to their first date in season 3 to Oliver protecting Felicity to the complete role reversal for them to the STEAMY MAKEOUT SESSION AGAINST A WALL! I can’t. I have been truly blessed with great Olicity content this week! I’m so happy my favorite OTP is back and better than ever! While I loved them when they were together in season 4, this is different. This feels real and like it will last. I’m so excited.

Jade: Cynco (Cynthia and Cisco) on The Flash. Their chemistry is sizzling, and watching Cisco willing to stand up to Danny Trejo’s Breacher out of love for her was just lovely. The ship had heat and humor this week, and that’s all I really ask for in a ship!

Lariel: Another vote for Olicity. The fans are getting a wonderful payoff after too many episodes, and I’m afraid as I write this I’m feeling more than a bit jealous. Read why in the next section.

Lyra: I can’t believe that I’m saying this but Olicity from Arrow was my OTP of the week. It’s like the writers have finally given up on rebooting Arrow like they tried to do in season 5 and are giving us the strong, passionate, and supportive couple we’ve wanted. It speaks to the direction they’re going to take Oliver that he’s making a family with Felicity and supporting her continued involvement with Team Arrow while he takes a step back. This is it. This is endgame. And I’m really excited to see a couple dealing with saving the city week after week. No will they or won’t they scenes. They will and they are.

Moment that made you collapse into a puddle of FEELS


Jade: Maybe I’m a terrible person. All last season, I laughed every episode at Charlotte Richards’s antics. I loved Lucifer’s mom! But I never really stopped to think (as anything more than a passing thought) about the woman whose life had been taken over by a goddess. Well, Charlotte came back this week, as the woman she used to be. And, for a moment, I lamented that the goddess herself was still gone. But when she crumpled and admitted that she had no memory of her life for the past several months – when she spoke of everything she had lost with no idea as to why – it really got to me. All of a sudden, I went from rooting for Lucifer’s mother to rooting for Charlotte. Perhaps she hadn’t been a nice person, but perhaps also, she didn’t deserve the hand she was dealt. I have to give it to the actress, though. She’s knocked it out of the park in every version of the role they’ve had her play – from vengeful-if-clueless goddess to tough as nails attorney to somewhat fragile lost soul, looking for atonement for her past mistakes. I really can’t wait to see Charlotte find her strength and her redemption through the rest of the season.

Kayla: Alex on Supergirl. In the scene where Alex, Kara, Lena, and Sam are watching Ruby sing her song, Alex has revelation about her relationship with Maggie and wanting kids. She realizes she wants it so bad that it’s a deal breaker. Between the touching Danvers Sisters moment, to Chyler Leigh’s top notch acting. I was in tears. I can’t watch the scene without bawling. I just want to hug Alex. I’m so glad she has Kara.

Nora: Alright, it’s a tie for me this week. First, Rebecca on This Is Us made me openly weep so she takes this category for me. The entire ending scene where we see Old Rebecca talking to newborn Tess paralleled with Rebecca talking to newborn Randall just reduced me to a PUDDLE OF TEARS. And if that wasn’t enough, This Is Us really kept twisting the knife when Old Rebecca cries to Randall about how she still has to learn how to be happy in these big life moments without Jack. Like OMG I was DONE. Mandy Moore and This Is Us should send me tissues every week because I’m never okay.

Second, goes to Karen on Will & Grace. Megan Mullally brought her A-game in this heart wrenching episode where Rosario dies. Man, I was not emotionally stable or ready to deal with Karen’s speech as she said goodbye to Rosario after her funeral. I didn’t even hear everything she said because my sobs were so loud. I’m never ready when a sitcom delivers a gut-wrenching episode, but this was next level. I was a puddle.

Danielle: When Annalise had kept writing and rewriting her letter to Sam, that was pretty funny because it shows how twisted her thought process is, and how alone she really is. Since she pushed everyone away, she has no one to talk to about her problems. On the other hand, Issac, her therapist, is very little help because he forced Annalise to talk about her stillborn, and the photo of her, Sam and the baby boy just brought tears to my eyes. We’ll never know what that baby will grow up to be, and Annalise will always have that grief of losing her son. When she’d said, “I wanted to die with my son,” that ruined me!!

Lariel: For me, it wasn’t on TV but on social media. On Instagram Saturday, Wentworth Miller announced he’s filming some of his final episodes of Legends of Tomorrow and The Flash.

I will be honest: I am in tears over this, because it seems to kill all hope for CaptainCanary. That ship has given me so much joy as a fan and a fic writer for nearly two years, and I am brokenhearted over this because it was something that never was given the chance to blossom. Perhaps something will be allowed in those final episodes.

I know all good things must come to an end, but Wentworth will be truly missed.

Hannah: It just has to be the parallel on This Is Us of Rebecca talking to baby Randall and Tess. Why does this show make me feel so many things.

Lyra: Jack finally meeting his mother on Supernatural. Him meeting her wasn’t designed to be a plot device that Dean would see and suddenly understand or forgive Jack for what he had done. It was all about Jack and the guilt that he carried over the things he’d done in his small time on Earth. He wanted to hear and talk to the mother who gave him life because he’s been conflicted. So many people around him are sure of the person he is to become because of his DNA and Nephilim status. Jack meeting his mother was a hello, a goodbye, and the first step of many to becoming the man he wants to be.

Superhero of the Week


Jade: Ray Palmer from Legends of Tomorrow. He’s a character that’s really grown on me over time, and this was just a great episode overall for him. His sincerity, optimism, and cheerfulness can border on cheesy, I suppose, but they never really cross that line for me. This week, we saw the lonely child he once was, giving the lengths to which he’ll go for his friends have that much more depth. As a man and as a hero, he really made the episode for me this week.

Nora: I’m with Jade on this one! Ray Palmer is my superhero of the week. I’m glad he finally got an episode for himself because sometimes I feel like Legends of Tomorrow forgets about our adorable Ray! His optimism and heartbreak as they helped his younger self was the stuff of heroes! He made sure his younger self was okay and didn’t lose his curiosity. It was such a great episode all around, but Ray Palmer being the superhero his younger self admires was amazing!

Lariel: I also have to give it to Ray. He got a rare, wonderful chance to shine in this episode. For too long it’s felt like the Arrowverse writers didn’t quite know what to do with the character.

Quote of the Week

The Walking Dead GIF

Jade: “I don’t know where you go when you die.” – Breacher, being both hilarious and terrifying on The Flash.

Danielle: “The boobs are lovely, I just have really bad news.” – Oliver to Laurel on FaceTime, How to Get Away with Murder

Lizzie: “Half the time I want my sister back. Half the time I want to kill her.” Roman on Blindspot.

Kayla: “We all known this isn’t business, Victoria. If you want to push us out, we will just push right back.” -Sabine, Once Upon A Time

Nora: “I wanted the chance to be there for you. The way you’ve been there for me.” – Oliver, Arrow

Lyra: “Fake it till you make it, baby.” – King Ezekiel, The Walking Dead

WTF Moment of the Week

Supergirl GIF

Charles: When Lizzie didn’t know who Michael Emerson is…. Nah my pick is The Flash and just the scene of Ralph getting his powers. It was interesting seeing each character’s reaction including Joe just straight up vomiting. And I didn’t blame him one bit.

Jade: In Legends of Tomorrow, when the baby Dominator caused the agents to recreate a song and dance from Singin’ in the Rain. Legends has never been a show to take itself too seriously, and this was definitely a perfect example. This moment was so cheesy and wonderful and took me completely by surprise. I loved it.

Lizzie: Okay, Designated Survivor, it’s clear romance is not your thing, but I’m going to need you to pick a lane and stay there. You can’t sell me Emily/Aaron for like a year and then pull Seth/Emily out of nowhere. You just can’t.

Lariel: Charles, I didn’t know who Michael Emerson was either! I agree with Jade, the Singin’ in the Rain moment takes it for the week.

Hannah: Rebecca and Greg’s dad on Crazy Ex Girlfriend. Just…no.

Lyra: A reporter, special agent, Detective, CEO, and CFO sat down to talk about boys while drinking wine on Supergirl. Now let me clarify for anyone who doesn’t understand why this is clearly a what the fuck moment. Girls do sit down and talk about boys. There’s no doubt about that. We talk about stuff and things all the time. I know, shocker. But for show like Supergirl, who is the leading example for young women, this was a missed opportunity. Too often, way too often, women and young girls on TV only know how to talk about guys. Their stories are defined by their relationship to other men and there is even a test out in the world about how many conversations or interactions women have that are not about other men. (The fact that this exists and that we need it is fucking insane and no one will change my mind on this.)

Keeping that in mind, I don’t understand how a show like Supergirl could have these group of women sit down and talk about guys. These are really intelligent and powerful women who can talk about a wide array of things. What about Sam’s new position? What about Kara’s next article? What about the random ass coffee that one of them got this morning and how their name was absolutely butchered by the barista and how this cute little girl almost crashed into her in her haste to get to her hot chocolate? (That didn’t happen in the episode but it could have been something to talk about besides the basic “let’s have the ladies talk about men” cliche.) And if they were trying to get to the point where children were brought up and Alex would continue down the road of doubt when it came to her relationship with Maggie, they could have done it 50 different ways, like the hot chocolate one I mentioned above. They didn’t have to continue doing what all other shows are doing and paint a narrative that is narrow-minded and basic as fuck.

Agree? Disagree? Have another moment you think we missed? Share with us in the comments below!

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