Fangirlish Interviews Wattpad Star Gaby Cabezut

One of our favorite things here at Fangirlish is getting the opportunity to chat with some of Wattpad’s most amazing and talented writers. Wattpad Stars, published, featured, and all around awesome is easy to find on Wattpad with so much talent available for us to enjoy, but we love bringing you some of our favs!

One of these favs is the beautiful and sweet Gaby Cabezut. She is a Wattpad Star, and has had some of her work turned in to not only an audiobook with Hachette, but also a video game! Thats right, a video game!

She combines romance, drama, humor and originality to create some of our favorite Wattpad stories!  Gaby took the time to chat with us, and we cant thank her enough!

What made you decide to use Wattpad?

It’s a funny story, actually. I just had my second baby and I was in dire need of a distraction, so one of those sleepless nights, I scrolled aimlessly through the App Store, until I found this little orange app that promised free books, so I went for it.

And my life was never the same ?

What is your favorite story on the forum at the moment?

Right now, I’m reading in English and Spanish. In English, my favorite story right now is Cupid’s Crappy Love Story by lavinialeigh.

In Spanish, I’m loving Si algún día vuelves. #Wattys2017 [Romance histórico] by Tequila213 and HUYENDO DEL VICIO by jonazkueta ?

Tell us a bit about your favorite story of yours on Wattpad.

Well, I love Take Out Chef, I had so much fun writing it and I smile and laugh every time I read it (or hear it! It’s now out on audiobook! #shamelessplug).

“When Jessie enters the new cooking school, she’s bound to crush on her bad-boys classmates; instead, she finds herself intrigued by the alluring presence of her teacher, Chef Bryan. He’s arrogant, bossy and moody on the outside. However, he seems to have a sweet spot for her.

Signing up for a program to help delinquents find a new job, might be just what she needs to spice up her life.”

What has been your proudest author moment?

The first time I could hold Prince with Benefits in my hand. It was surreal. I was so thrilled and couldn’t believe that one of my stories was actually a book. I still can’t.

What would you tell someone who is thinking of writing on Wattpad but feeling nervous?

I read once that if something doesn’t make you nervous or frightened, then it’s not worth it. And I stand by it.

Wattpad is a beautiful community of supporters. Readers who support their authors and authors who support other authors. It’s a great way to get your story out there, to get feedback, and why not? Maybe have a couple of opportunities that otherwise, you wouldn’t get.

What is the last book you read? Would you suggest it to others? Why or why not?

Follow me Back by A.V. Geiger.

OMG it’s freaking awesome. I read it whole in 5 hours. Seriously. It’s that good.

What advice would you give to people participating in Nanowrimo?

I feel like I’m the last person that should be giving advice since I’m far behind my goal, but what would be Nanowrimo if you weren’t stressed about it by the end of the month? That’s me. Every year, by the way.

So, don’t be like me.

Plan ahead. Make time for it. Enjoy it.

(I do enjoy it, but I’m a total masochist!)

We are obviously fangirls at Fangirlish, what do you fangirl over?

Okay, this is going to sound funny, but I fangirl over my fans.

Like, last month, I met two wonderful girls that follow me on Wattpad and my social media, and they were both at WattCon and they both came to talk to me and I just wanted to hug them and thank them for their support.

I’m super cheesy, I know!

Tell us a bit about your game for Prince with Benefits!

Yay! I’m so excited about this!

First of all, let me tell you a little about the story:

Emily Gonzalez’s fiance, Sam, is handsome, has a good job and loves her-or at least that’s what she thinks. But getting married has never felt right for her. What girl in her right mind would have nightmares about her wedding day anyway?

Her fairy-tale love story suddenly ends when she catches Sam with another woman. Hurt and humiliated, Emily decides to cancel the wedding and jet off to England, hoping to start anew.

Only days after her moving to England, she meets a guy, Scott. Emily can’t stop thinking about him: his chocolaty eyes, his messy head of hair, and the way he makes her laugh. But there’s a huge catch to this almost-perfect guy: he’s the prince of England. For real.

Is it possible to fall in love while the whole world is closely watching your romantic story unfold, or worse, waiting to see it fail?

Or this will be the happily ever after Emily has been longing for?

Highest-ranking: Romance #1 on Wattpad

It’s been published under Pop Fiction Books & is now adapted into a game app with Chapters Interactive Stories by Crazy Maple Studios.

Crazy Maple is a relatively new company but they’ve been amazing to me. I loved working with them. We co-wrote the game together and I always had the final word about any decision about the game.

The story shines through the game. You get to feel like you’re Emily, the main character, and the dialogue is hilarious. I had a lot of fun writing it, and I still laugh when I read it.

You can get a feel of the game here:

A million thank yous to Gaby for chatting with us, and be sure to check out the links to all her amazing work!

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