Fangirlish’s FEELS of the Week: November 5th – November 11th

Welcome to another Sunday of talking about the shows that made us laugh, cry, go awww and, of course, look around and wonder what in the world was happening. If it made us feel things, whether they were good, or bad, then this is where we talk about it. This is where you tell us if you agree. This is where we let it all out.

So, without further ado, here are these week’s picks:

Badass Female Character of the Week


Nora: BETTY COOPER! This episode of Riverdale was one of the strongest the show has had. The black hood torturing Betty was painful to watch, but man oh man, was Betty the very definition of a bad female character. She put the safety of others above all else, even if that meant hurting them and herself. Lili Reinhart gave one of her best performances so far and it was incredible to watch her. I will follow Betty Cooper forever.

Jade: The ladies of the Flash. I’ve always wanted to see the women have more proactive storylines and some actual interactions between women on a more consistent basis on the show. While I’m disappointed they didn’t get to have even a little more fun before they had to band together and kick ass, band together and kick as is indeed what they did.

Lyra: The Shannara Chronicles Eretria shoved her hand inside one of the most evil creatures in The Four Lands and destroyed it like it was no big deal. It gave perspective on the true balance of power in The Four Lands and what’s to come next. And while I’m glad we’re getting answers about her past, her blood, and what she’s truly capable of, IT’S FUCKING TERRIFYING! Our rover is a BAMF, you know it, I know it, he/she/we knows it. But against such evil…I’m scared. (Part of me kind of wants Eretria to go a little dark side too. Imagine the angst?!)

OTP of the Week


Nora: Kate and Toby on This Is Us. Their entire storyline this week was the definition of an “OTP.” Toby talking to Jack’s ashes and working through what he knows Kate wants was adorable. And then when Toby proposed to Kate again with the sweatshirts and told her that she deserves a happy wedding. It was emotional. I’m in love with them so much and I only hope This Is Us keeps them happy, but I already know i should get ready for some heartbreak because after all this is This Is Us.

Jade: I do not know this crazy parallel world I’m living in this year that I’m loving characters I’ve been ambivalent about before – like Chloe Decker – but I’m going to have to say Chloe and Linda on Lucifer – with a little bit of Dan added in for flavor. Okay, it’s more brotp than otp, but Linda was there for Chloe when she was bummed that Lucifer was missing her birthday. Their impromptu party was amazingly fun, and Linda even managed to avoid calling Chloe a liar liar, pants on fire when Chloe tried to profess she wasn’t jealous. Also, Dan brings a drill and spackle to birthday parties? I feel there’s a story there, and I want in on it.

Lizzie: Jeller, on Blindspot. Those two crazy kids are just all in, together. 100%. I didn’t know what I expected, but it wasn’t for the show to go all in like that, to give us a fully committed couple. It’s beautiful. I’m tearing up. Give me more of this, TV. More of this.

Moment that made you collapse into a puddle of FEELS


Nora: It’s a three-way tie this week for me. There were a lot of emotions and I’m still not over it. First off, Riverdale. That episode destroyed me and was one of the finest hours of TV this season in my opinion. From Betty being terrorized by the hood to Jughead’s face as Archie breaks up with him for Betty to Cheryl and Nick St. Claire. Everything reduced me to a puddle on the floor. I was crying and screaming all at the same time.

Next up, is the 300th episode of Grey’s Anatomy. It was an amazing homage to longtime fans filled with easter eggs. The entire last five minutes had me crying to hard I was shaking. Meredith winning the Harper Avery award and listening to Jackson talk about her resilience and all the people she’s lost was the very definition of emotional. And then when Meredith looks up into the OR gallery and sees her mother, smiling. I was a WRECK!! Man down. Shonda and the Grey’s Anatomy writers managed to reduce me to a puddle with just words.

And lastly, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. This week’s episode took an emotional turn as Rebecca contemplates suicide. It was a hard episode to watch, especially at the end when she finally admits she needs help and that something is wrong. The episode veered from the usual upbeat, sarcasm and addressed this real issue. I wasn’t ready.

Heather: Riverdale gets my vote. Between the hood terrorizing Betty into betraying everyone and Jughead taking the leap to become a Serpent I don’t know what broke my heart more. Archie breaking up with Jughead for Betty had tears streaming down my face. And don’t even get me started on what could have happened to Cheryl this episode. Seeing Cheryl so broken was visceral.

Hannah: The ending of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. It has been so hard watching Rebecca struggle these last few episodes but I’m so proud of her for admitting she needs help and cannot wait to see where they take this going forward.

Lyra: Barry and Joe’s relationship is one of the purest things in the world. It was heart eye inducing watching them bond, support, and confide in each other after a bachelor party on the floor of a police station lock up. Joe’s gonna be a great dad. And he’s not doing this alone! Nope! He’s got his family with him.

Superhero of the Week


Lori: JOSIE AND THE PUSSYCATS! Technically they’re not superheroes but what they did for Cheryl was pretty damn heroic. Veronica’s skeezy old friend, Nick, deserved what was coming to him and there was no one more fierce and ferocious than the Pussycats. And they took out Nick’s trashy self AFTER they had just kicked ass on stage! Cheryl has some boss babes looking out for her.

Nora: Agreeing with Lori on this one! Josie and The Pussycats swooping in and saving Cheryl after Nick drugged her was the very definition of heroism. Nick deserved that beating they gave him and I hope to never see that assholes face again. If Cherly ever doubted that she had real friends in Riverdale, she doesn’t anymore. The Pussycats have your back Cheryl! No all heroes wear capes, some wear cat ears.

Hannah: All the ladies of Team Flash. I am so here for them providing that they have what it takes to save the city without needing the guys around #Feminism

Jade: I agree with Hannah. I love the boys, but I love my ladies, too, and it’s nice to see them getting a chance to show that you can be a hero, with or without superpowers. Also, it gave Barry a chance to get blitzed and tell everyone in Central City that he’s the Flash, so that’ll be a real time-saver in the future.

Quote of the Week

Dean Winchester Advanced Thanatology GIF

Lizzie: Dreamer: “You were chosen for a reason. The X-Men said a war is coming!”

Thunderbird: “They didn’t say we’d win.” – The Gifted

Jade: Barry: “I don’t think one of my greatest enemies is a baby.” Cisco: “Evil killer baby?” Harry: “Ehhhh…could happen.” Barry: “You’re right.” – The Flash

Lyra: “What do you want me to say? It doesn’t matter. I don’t matter.” Dean Winchester, Supernatural

WTF Moment of the Week


Nora: We knew Arrow would land itself in this category eventually, so here we are. Why Oliver so blindly trusted and followed Slade Wilson just boggles my mind. And the fact that Felicity encouraged him to go felt completely out of character for me. I understand that Olive thinks he owes Slade something, but he really doesn’t. And now Oliver is in this very bad situation as Slade, once again, flies off the handle. Great.

Hannah: I really didn’t want to have to say this but a lot about the latest episode of The Mindy Project just wasn’t gelling with me. I get that we’re coming to an end and stories need to be wrapped up but so much of it just feels rushed to me, Jody’s plot point in particular. With only one episode left now, I’m really intrigued to see how it all works out.

Jade: Arrow. What the hell, Arrow? If Flash has a tendency to lean too hard on the “surprise betrayal by friend turned foe” trope then Arrow has had a long-term, torrid love affair with the trope involving knowing someone’s a bad guy (who, you know, murdered your mother) and deciding to give him the benefit of the doubt anyway. Or taking him under your wing. Or having any interaction with him that doesn’t end with you stabbing him in the chest with a shrimp fork. Oliver, you do NOT make nice with the man who murdered your mom. Felicity, I get that you’re a good person, but if Oliver tries to invite Slade to Thanksgiving dinner and you don’t immediately set his ass on fire for his trouble, We Will Have Words.

Lyra: Women have breasts. I know. Shocker alert. Someone call the New York Times! So…can anyone explain to me why Iris and Felicity turned their back on Killer Frost when she was changing. She has breasts. They have breasts. MORE SHOCKING NEWS! Call the Guardian! (Not James. Talking the newspaper.) Women aren’t afraid of each other’s breasts, especially friends. Like seriously, Caitlin would have to have a hideous Gorilla Grodd tattoo on her chest for me to turn around in shock. Wait…that’d probably take a while and I’d want to know about it. So yeah, friends don’t jump in shock when breast or bras are shown. If that were true you’d hear way more screaming at Victoria’s Secret.

Agree? Disagree? Have another moment you think we missed? Share with us in the comments below!

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