Harry Styles Put on Blast Following ‘X-Factor’ Performance

Well, this is a change of events…

I think it is safe to say that when it was announced Harry Styles would be retaking the X Factor stage this weekend (November 11) that it was a delight to many of his fans worldwide. The tuned in all over the world, regardless of time zones and channeling, ready to watch him set the crowd into a frenzy as he has a tendency to do.

He started out in a yellow, well tailored suit, that was quite subdued to other choices of wardrobe he has taken to by comparison.  In fact, I think he looked rather dashing in it, even if I am not usually the biggest fan of his fashion options as of late. Then, when it came to his performance of Kiwi, he opted for a flared purple jumpsuit that felt many, myself included, a little thrown.

He sounded incredible, no one can doubt that. His dancing…well, he never said he was much of one for rhythm, but the blast he has been receiving on social today following the performance when his collective appearance is brought together is nothing short of harsh.

Here are a few of the more memorable quotes from online haters:

“@Harry_Styles Hahahahahahaha, it was like Mr Bean does Mick Jagger. Hilariously awful. Congrats #XFactor.”

“Does Harry Styles think he’s the new Mick Jagger?”

“Harry Styles looks like a cross between willy wonka and Mick Jagger

Some seemed genuinely quite pissed at Styles moves, which undoubtedly emulated the Rolling Stones legend. Whether intentional or not, it seems to have missed the mark on leaving the crowd pleased for many.

Granted, not everyone had negative things to say. Many focused away from the clothes and moves and instead let his voice to the talking. Which, no one can deny, was solid and entertaining.

I guess we will see what comes next, as this seems to be the first genuinely negative performance Styles has put forward in his solo career. Usually, stans far an wide sing his praises like the second coming. Time will tell…

Check out the performance below –

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