The Brainiac Is Coming To National City

We love casting additions, especially on shows that we love. You all know how we feel about Supergirl. Our love runs deep.

An addition to the cast has been made, one that we can absolutely get behind. The Brainiac is coming to Supergirl. 

We’re prepared for the fun.

Defiance alum Jesse Rath in the recurring role of Brainiac 5 on this season of Supergirl.  Brainiac 5 is a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes who travels to National City from the 31st Century. Why? Well that’s cause Supergirl is going to have to battle Reign. We all know that a big battle is coming.

We’re just sad that it’s with Samantha, cause we really love Odette Annabelle.

We can expect to see Rath first in Season 3, Episode 10 — which is titled “Legion of Super-Heroes.”

Supergirl is about to face her greatest nemesis in the three years that we’ve been doing the show — we feel that Reign is the best villain we’ve ever had — so it’s going to take all the allies that she can muster to take Reign down,” EP Kreisenberg told TV Line. “The Legion will be playing a big part in that.”

Are you excited to see Brainiac make his way to National City?

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