‘How To Get Away With Murder’ 4×7 Review: Nobody Roots for Goliath

Well, I’m even nervous now for the winter finale next week!

On this episode of How To Get Away With Murder, Annalise is the one that takes the seat while the other side decide to play dirty to bring her down.

This time, they bring in Issac to testify against her, but he’s loyal to Annalise and spoke the truth. I’m glad it’s out in the open with them about how his ex-wife approached her to stop seeing Issac because of the way that she’s been triggering him.

But he genuinely seems like he wants to help her. I know she was in a similar situation with Sam before and how she got involved with him romantically when she was his client, but I think it’s different with Issac. It seems to be very platonic and all he really wants to do is help her, nothing else.

But knowing that he’s apart of the fast forward scenes, we know he’s in this whole situation with Annalise, like in too deep.

Meanwhile, Asher rages onto everyone after finding out they’ve been scheming to do all this takedown without him knowing. He was acting too childish, that isn’t something new given how his character can be sometimes.

However, I do get where he’s coming from. And his anger and frustration with not only Michaela but with Oliver and Laurel not only came from just a lot of worry but it caused them to tell Frank too!

Oh, not just Frank but towards the end, Oliver spills to Connor that he knows who killed Wes.

Ah, the whole crew finally knows. Annalise is left. Hmm and also Bonnie, but she’s been out of control lately with trying to make Annalise even more miserable.

Though I am afraid with how Connor will take this news. Everything’s been going well for him since he became the less toxic version of Bonnie as he’s assisting Annalise. But now that he’s going to know the truth, who knows what he’ll decide to do.

I think he might actually be the one to tell Annalise himself, where it’ll bring Annalise right back in to the drama!

This season there is just so much happening, and from what it looks like in the flash-forward of it all, everyone seems to be getting caught up in the crossfire.

This whole plan to use Simon as an advantage to take down Laure’ls dad is pretty messed up. Just because you know that you’re going to hell doesn’t mean you should continue on digging another deeper hole for yourself, Laurel.

Now they’re making Oliver do a bad thing and he knows it. Even though he thought of the idea. Tsk, tsk. Though Simon is the most annoying character on the show, I don’t believe that he deserves what’s coming to him. I wish they were able to find another way. But this show wouldn’t be what it was if they didn’t get their hands messy.

I truly hope this take down in honor of Wes is worth it and Laurel’s father gets what he deserves. He’s a power hungry man and he needs to be charged with this murder!

Next week’s winter finale promo looks insane, but I have no doubt that they are going to deliver and keep us gasping. This season has been wild and insane all at the same time.

Better than last season if you ask me!

What did you think of this episode of How To Get Away With Murder? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

How To Get Away With Murder airs Thursdays at 10/9c on ABC!

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