‘Grey’s Anatomy” 14×8 Review: Out of Nowhere

Well that was quite out of nowhere!

What a winter finale, with a chilling winter finale cliffhanger!

This episode is quite a unique one in the realm of Grey’s Anatomy storyline plots. A hacker has taken over the whole computer system at the hospital and everyone is like…freaking out. Because ya know, it’s a hospital and you need that technology to function well.

I thought it was interesting to see an episode about how the characters would be able to face this frustrating situation and how to fix it. When you think about, it, it’s pretty dang creepy. Not knowing who the heck is behind all this cyber hack and requesting 4932 BITCOINS as ransom is wild.

Shoot that’s like 20 million dollars!

How cruel of them to ask for this much from a hospital. Out of all places. I hope they reveal who was behind this act when the show comes back. If not, I’ll be annoyed because we want answers! You really can’t just leave a cyber hacker episode and not at least let us know who was behind it. All in all, it was definitely creepy, but for a second I felt like I watching some sort of mystery show and it was kind of fun.

Meanwhile, it seems like the show is really trying to push Jackson and Maggie together. Hmm. Him saying “Thank God we’re from completely different families” just showed you that he really doesn’t consider her as a sister. But still, she’s his step-sister in the end. Ugh.

Honestly, if Jackson’s mom wasn’t married to Maggie’s father, I think I wouldn’t mind them getting together. In a way, they seem pretty cute together.

Ah, wait, what am I saaaying?

As much as Japril is the ship most fans want to see come to life again, it doesn’t feel like we will get it any time soon. They’ve just grown far apart from each other. I mean, yes, they have a child together but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they have to be together.

Japril has been through a lot, but at the same, their storyline hasn’t been going forward this season, much less they don’t even have that much lines together either. Jackson does seem like he is genuinely interested in Maggie and she can definitely sense it.

But will one of them make the move is the question!

This winter finale overall kind of went a bit slow for me, as in the first half not much was going on. But it started to pace a bit faster towards the last 5 minutes of the episode.

And to that finale cliffhanger everyone…JO’S ABUSIVE EX HUSBAND, PAUL, FOUND HER.


Just watching Jo’s reaction and the numbness in her face gave a chill down my back. What the heck is he going to do now? He know’s that she’s changed her name and is working at this hospital now, he already knows too much.

Scary. But this shall be a very interesting storyline for Jo when the show returns, but you know who will be by her side 100% right?

Alex. Yup. He’s got her and I’m glad.

I just want Jo to divorce Paul’s ass and get rid him so that her and Alex can get married before the season ends.

Other thoughts:

  • I truly appreciate Grey’s Anatomy having a Muslim woman with a hijab as an intern on the show. The inclusivity is real and it’s growing. Thank you for that, Shonda. As a Muslim woman, this makes me very happy seeing more representation.
  • Alex Karev was always destined to be in peds and I’m just so damn proud of this man and the work that he does. He is always swoon-worthy in my opinion. He’s just so good at it without even trying. Sighhh.
  • Richard getting offended about how everyone else weren’t used to the lack of technology was funny to watch. Ohhh Richard.

What did you think of this episode of Grey’s Anatomy? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Grey’s Anatomy returns January 18th at 8/7c on ABC!

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