‘How To Get Away With Murder’ 4×8 Review: Live. Live. Live

I’m just in literal shock right now, I don’t even know what to say.

“Live. Live. Live.” was probably the best winter finale yet I had to stop to catch my emotions.

I knew Connor was going to tell Annalise, I felt like that was already obvious since he’s all about starting fresh and leaving the past of secrecy and trauma all behind.

Connor confronting the team was gold. It was needed and he was honestly just telling the brutal truth. This time around, atleast, he wasn’t apart of this madness.

I also had a feeling that it was Simon’s body Oliver screamed at. That scene had me shook, Oliver’s scream was wild. But the thing about it being Simon that this all is probably going to cost his life is sad to know about. All this time, we couldn’t care less for this character and all of a sudden, he reveals things about himself that make you feel like he might not be all that bad. I sense some manipulation from the writers!

Didn’t like that part though, Accidentally shooting yourself is just tragic all around.

But let me give it to Michaela to being the mama of the group and holding it down like a boss and acting fast. That poor girl. Just only wanting to make a change for herself, involved in the crossfire once again. Her idea of going out into the crowd and screaming for help made the story believable and seeing Tegan rush to her was genuine. Their relationship makes me happy, here;s to hoping it doesn’t get ruined.

Michaela’s instinct to have her make Laurel leave the building without getting caught was smart but I wonder what Asher said to the police that had him arrested. He’s been acting like a fool these past couple of episodes, and now he’s arrested. Dang. If only he lowered his voice down when he was speaking about Simon.

The Keating 4 will never catch a break. But let’s get to that graphic scene with Laurel in that elevator.


I know I’ve been hating on Laurel since last season and pretty much the first half of this season. But that scene in the elevator, and her not getting help for her dying baby was traumatic to watch. I felt so bad, no one should have to go through that. The fact that she was desperately trying so hard to stay conscious to keep the baby alive was heartbreaking but also very brave.

Laurel’s plan to take down her father has been a circle of roadblocks this season, and it seems to just get harder and harder with every try. But it has been a lot of pressure for her and carrying this baby.

Speaking of baby: Annalise.

Oh man. Talk about the most traumatic experience for her! Once that screen went black I was just like “No, no, no.” But then you heard the baby cry.

Annalise trying to save that baby’s life just had me thinking about one thing: her baby boy.

It’s going to hit her with a lot of trauma now going through this pain of potentially having to lose this baby is a lot to take in. But she tried and she tried and she tried.

That scene over all was so raw and emotional, I’m sure it wasn’t just me. Am I right?

There is a lot at stake now once How To Get Away With Murder returns again. I’m ready for it all, but this season has been powerful. It’s been edgy, indeed.

Other thoughts:

  • Can’t believe it was Frank’s fault for what happened to Laurel. I can only imagine how painful his elbow must have been as he accidentally hit it against her belly while being all Mr. tough with Connor. That part made me mad.
  • Oh Bonnie, what is you doing. That is all.
  • Nate is still not over Annalise. Expected and not surprised. But please give this guy some more concrete scenes/plots!
  • Wes’s hitman heard Connor’s convo!!! AHHHH.

What did you think of the winter finale of How To Get Away With Murder? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

How To Get Away With Murder returns January 18th at 10/8c on ABC!

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