‘The Shannara Chronicles’ 2×09 & 2×10 Photos: Wilderun & Blood

The end is here with The Shannara Chronicles season 2 back-to-back finale episodes titled “Wilderun” & “Blood.” With the Warlock Lord free, darkness grows across The Four Lands and Eretria feels herself falling to the dark side. She confides in Wil as his destiny draws near. And Lyria makes a stand by taking her rightful place in the Kingdom of Leah.

Things get bloody and lives are lost in the final showdown against the Warlock Lord for the fate of The Four Lands.

Read the synopsis for “Wildreun” & “Blood”:

Eretria confesses a dark secret to Wil; Bandon’s deepest wish is granted, but with a catch.


In the final showdown, Wil must save the Four Lands; Wil, Mareth and Eretria grapple with the loss of one of their own.

Check out the trailer for “Wilderun” & “Blood”:

Also check out these sneak peeks:

The Shannara Chronicles season 2 finale airs on Spike at 9/8c with two episodes.

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