‘Devils Unto Dust’ Optioned For Film

When a book is optioned before it’s released, you have to take notice. It creates a buzz that you can’t ignore.

So we’re intrigued, Emma Berquist‘s Devils Unto Dust, has been optioned for film at New Regency film despite the fact it hasn’t been released and won’t be until until April 2018.

“Very occasionally, you read a piece of material that stops you in your tracks. ‘Devils Unto Dust’ is just such a piece and we’re thrilled Emma’s trusting us with adapting,” Producer  Nira Park said to ComingSoon.net, who broke the news about the adaptation. “Daisy is an utterly compelling heroine – a young woman who does not and cannot give up. The stage Emma has set for her story is distinct and highly evocative. We’re delighted to be partnering with New Regency on this project, who fell for it as fast and hard as we did.”

What is Devils Unto Dust about?

Ten years ago, a horrifying disease began spreading across the West Texas desert. Infected people—shakes—attacked the living and created havoc and destruction. No one has ever survived the infection. Daisy Wilcox, known as Willie, has been protecting her siblings within the relatively safe walls of Glory, Texas. When Willie’s good-for-nothing father steals a fortune from one of the most dangerous shake-hunters in town, she finds herself on the hook for his debt. With two hunters, including the gruff and handsome Ben, to accompany her, she sets out across the desert in search of her father. But the desert is not kind to travelers, and not everyone will pass through alive.

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