Komixx Options Wattpad Sensation My Life With The Walter Boys by Ali Novak

2017 has been full of incredible Wattpad success stories. More and more writers on the forum are breaking through the orange glass ceiling, and staking their claims to worldwide attention and accolades with their incredible talent. From audio books, to publishing deals, book tours and more, writers are showing the world what they are made of, and it all started on Wattpad.

For Ali Novak, she is already a veteran of the publishing world. Her epically popular Heartbreakers series has already found two books hit the shelves, and another on the way. She is a Wattpad Star, writer with Sourcebooks, and all around kick ass person. But now, she can add movies to her resume, as Komixx options her young adult novel My Life With The Walter Boys for the screen.


The story was originally published by Novak when she was just 15 years old. Now, with more than 67 million reads, Komixx wants to bring that tale to the world.

A coming of age tale with a twist finds strict and proper Jackie suddenly torn from her New York life, and into rural Colorado. Not just a big deal? Think again. Because she will now be living with 11 boys. The Walters have a very large family, and extended family, all under one roof. And now, Jackie is added to the mix.

Needless to say, she isnt a fan of chaos, and the Walter home is the epitome of that. Throw Cole, the sexy and enticing one, Alex, the sweet and caring one, and a few others into the mix, you never know what is going to happen next! The story is one of the most popular and well known on the Wattpad forum, and now, it looks like movie goers will have a chance to fall in love with it the way the rest of us have.

This isnt the first Wattpad tale to be optioned by Aussie company Komixx. They have already grabbed on to Kelly Anne Blounts Capture, as well as Beth Reekles The Kissing Booth, with is in post production as a Netflix feature.

Komixx’s head of film and TV is certain Novaks tale will strike a cord with viewers.

My Life With The Walter Boys has all the key elements of a true teen classic: angst, loss, family relationships and of course, romance. It’s a great bittersweet family drama. Ali started writing this novel when she was just 15 herself, so it speaks directly to this young adult audience and reflects Komixx’s aim to seek out truly compelling original YA content to excite the digital generation.” – Andrew Cole – Bulgin

As a fan and friend of Novak, we couldnt be happier for her and this incredible venture! Congrats Ali!

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