Drama, Drama, Drama…. ‘Dynasty’ Adds A Desperate Housewife

Lately I have begun to like Dynasty more and more. It’s like that show that is so bad, so unbelievable, and far fetched that you can’t look away because it makes you feel so much better about your own life. Ya, I went there. They seem to every single week as they dial up the damn crazy.

And they are dialing up the crazy even more. Why? Because they have cast a role that was made iconic by Joan Collins, Alexis Carrington. It’s a face that you may recognize from Desperate Housewives, Nicollette Sheridan, has been cast.

The network says Alexis, “will return unexpectedly to [Blake, Fallon and Steven’s] world, challenging Blake’s marriage to Cristal, seeking to reunite with her children and fighting to claim what is hers.”

Drama, drama, drama.

We’re here for it all.

Dynasty airs on The CW.

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