‘Riverdale’ 2×08 Review: House of the Devil

When it comes to shipping, quite often we let our preferences cloud our judgement or guide us into a mindset where we give the people in the ship a second, third, fourth chance. After last night’s episode of Riverdale, titled “House of the Devil,” fuck shipping. Betty and Veronica deserve better than what Jughead and Archie are giving them.

Let’s start with Jughead.

Jughead has been immersing himself in a culture that he has always denied but that has always been around him, the Serpents. Part of him is doing it because this is the only family he has and it’s a means to get his father out of jail and release him from the burden of his past. All Betty wanted to do was be part of that side of him and he spurned her because of it.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love Bughead. I’ve loved them from day one and I have always had a soft spot for couples that come from two different worlds. But Jughead went too far. Betty made a choice because she loves Jughead. And it’s infuriating to think that he thinks he can take that choice away from her or make decisions for her because he’s trying to “protect her.”

The way he broke up with her (again) was especially cruel. She shows that she’s willing to stand by his side and he breaks up with her in a way that signals that he’s going to do it over and over again until it sticks. He’s made his decision and protecting her is more important than listening to her, respecting her, and working as partners as a means of solving their problems together.

Then there’s Archie.

It’s sweet that Archie feels such strong emotions for Veronica. His feelings are real and if he decides to speak them out loud then it’s okay. What’s not okay is him expecting her to say “I love you” right back or on his timetable. Contrary to popular belief, people don’t fall in love at the same time. And his disrespect of her is as infuriating as Jughead trying to take away Betty’s choice.

For a moment I thought that Archie had seen the light when he told her that it was okay and that he understood. Good ol’ Archie had some sense knocked into after talking to his dad. Then it went all out the window when he made that snide little comment about Veronica’s capability to love or like a song that they were about to sing together.

Veronica doesn’t owe Archie anything. She will fall in love with him when she damn well pleases and him pushing her to say “I love you” only pushed her away. Same thing goes with Betty and Jughead. His decision to make the choice for Betty pushed her away more than ever before.

Women have the choice to do whatever the fuck they want and seeing these two men, that I have loved in different ways since the first episode, pushing their girlfriends to do something that they don’t want or not listening to their choices, is disrespectful and makes me hate them a little. It also makes me want for them to date others. I know this sounds like blasphemy and I should wait for Bughead or Varchie to get back together, but fuck that.

Why should Betty and Veronica wait around and follow two men who don’t respect them, push them away, and make decisions for them? They are fierce and independent women who don’t have time to be treated like this. They’ve done their waiting and they’ve tried with both of these men to understand what they’re going through. If this is the response that they’re getting in return, then fuck them.

If Betty and Veronica want to date other people then it’s there right. They don’t have to wait until these two get their heads out of their asses. Just to clarify, this isn’t me advocating for Betty and Archie to get together. If you’ve gotten this far then you understand that I am pissed at Archie’s entitlement. This is me advocating for women who know their worth to get out there and sow their wild oats if they so choose to.

In all honesty I would like to see Betty and Veronica spend more time together. Relationships on TV have a way of making it so friends don’t actually spend time together because they’re so busy with their significant others. Female friendships are severely lacking on The CW and this iconic duo deserves the time and writing to make it strong and dynamic AF.

Give me a womance and give it to me now!

Riverdale airs Thursdays at 8p.m. on The CW.

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