‘Blindspot’ 3×07: Sneak Peeks & Spoiler Room

We’re just a few hours away from a new Blindspot episode! There is very little left to enjoy our favorite show again. Meanwhile,¬† we have an appetizer of what awaits us with these sneak peeks and, thanks to EW and their spoiler room, new information about the mid season finale next week. Here we go!



In this first sneak peek we see a tender scene with little Bethany celebrating Christmas¬† with Jeller and Allie present. Jane is playing with the kid, but Kurt, although happy, is serious and worried. Allie realizes and talks to him alone, she knows him and knows something is happening. Kurt can’t stop looking at Jane with Bethany and thinking about what he is hiding from her. He feels guilty about that secret. And I’ve also noticed that he tries not to look away from Jane, as if he’s memorizing her, so he can remember her and that moment … when Jane is not there. Allie tells him precisely this, that Jane is not going to leave, but Kurt knows that after she knows the truth, that possibility is very real. Poor Kurt … I want to hug him very hard and make him see that he has to tell Jane everything.

Thanks to ET we have a second sneak peek.


On it, we find out that the investigation of the team against Hirst is ongoing, but everyone is exhausted, Patterson has worked too much and it shows – I couldn’t help but laugh at her comments – and having a team investigation in the middle of their house is not something too comfortable for Jeller. But the most interesting thing is that a gift arrives for Bethany … from Roman! He is playing a macabre game by doing that. But the toy is not what it seems and contains an important clue. I can’t wait to see this episode!.


Thanks to EW we have important information about the mid season finale that will air next week. And it seems that we have to prepare, because it will be a hard, arduous and full of emotions. A trip that will change the team forever. On this, Martin Gero – executive producer of Blindspot – comments:

“The fall finale is maybe one of the best episodes we’ve ever done.” Thrilling, explosive, really funny and the cliffhanger to end all cliffhangers. “You’ll be like: Wait, what ?! Did I hear that right? Clear your calendar for the night of the 22. If you’re a Blindspot fan, you’ve got plans. “

Are you as eager to see the episode as we are? Do you like what they have prepared for the mid season finale? Don’t hesitate to share your opinion with us in the comments below!.

Blindspot airs Fridays at 8 / 7c on NBC.

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