1D Chronicles: Week Ending 12/16/17

Well, this has been a good week in the world of 1D. As 2017 quickly winds down, the end of the year only seems to be bringing more and more for our favorite 4.

So let’s get right to it!


This was a less than typical week for Harry. For Canadian residents we had the luck of being able to watch Harry Styles Live in Manchester on our televisions thanks to the BBC, and it was the upclose and intimate performance of Styles we all would love to see live.

But that wasnt the biggest part of this past Tuesday. James Cordon became a father for the 3rd time that day, but with such short notice and unexpected events, he had to call in good friend Styles to host the Late Late Show with less than 3 hrs before taping! Of course, being the amazing person Harry is, he took on the challenge and did it like a pro! I, for one, would love to see him host more often!

And of course there is the little Christmas Carpool Kareoke kiss shared by Cordon and Styles that set fans wild.


2018 isnt too far away, and it looks like Nialler is already starting to fill up his calendar. Despite being on tour to promote his debut solo album Flicker, Niall seems to want to add on recording to the mix. He recently revealed plans to start working on his second album while on tour,

“I’d say over the course of the year I’ll start writing. With jamming at sound checks and things like that, things always come up – little riffs and bits and pieces” – Horan, Daily Star


Good ol’ Liam has been tormenting fans quite a bit this week, posting recent selfies of the ‘less than clothed’ nature. Not that we are complaining, of course! Posting one backstage before a show in Atlanta, fans went wild. But not 24 hours later, he posted another in bed….

It is like Christmas has come early for us Directioners!


This week has been full of drama for Tomlinson, as recent disparaging comments by an Australian radio DJ and her crew set the fandom afire. Calling Louis several names that I will not repeat as they were offensive and incorrect, the fandom showed her in no uncertain terms why you do not treat their boys that way. The DJ has since put her Twitter profile on private, even prompting Tomlinson to add on that she might want to stay that way a little longer.

Only 2 weeks of 2017 left, and we are sure the 1D lads will keep us busy right up to the end! Check back next weekend for more!


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