‘Blindspot’ Mid Season Finale Sneak Peeks

There is very little left to enjoy the Blindspot mid season finale! Just a few more days and we can enjoy an episode that will surely leave us biting our nails until January. As a preview of what awaits us, here’re two sneak peeks of the episode “City Folk Under Wraps.” Here we go!



In this first one, the team is discussing the strategy to follow with Hirst. She has removed all the solid evidence they had against her and left them with some dubious and circumstantial evidence. Reade is going to move his strings to get something with that and everyone worries about him. With Hirst on the prowl, they’re in more danger than ever. But what has struck me most is that small conversation between Reade and Zapata.

It has been a small moment in which she wished him luck. Her words and gestures speak of a deeper concern than that of her companions. The kind of worry you feel when the person you love is in the line of fire. And the wink and those whispering and reassuring words Reade has given in response are a sign that her feelings are reciprocated.


The second sneak peek is even more interesting. Roman calls Kurt and blackmails him with Berlin if he doesn’t kill Hirst. Kurt refuses, as he says, he isn’t a cold-blooded killer, but an agent of the law. But Roman is inflexible, the team has ruined his plan and now it’s up to Kurt to solve it.

Jane interrupts Kurt’s response and when she asks him who he was talking to, Kurt hesitates … but in the end he tells her that it was Roman trying to get between them. And she replies that there is nothing Roman can do to manage that. Kurt’s look says it all … yes, there is, and something very serious.

It’s very important that Kurt decides to tell Jane that he was talking to Roman and doesn’t hide that he’s in contact with him and that Roman wants to break them up. Kurt only hides what he thinks is necessary … although hiding this gigantic secret is making it worse and everything will explode very soon. We’ll suffer, but, as I always tell you, they will find their way back to the other.

Did you like these sneak peeks? Do you want it to be Friday as much as we are to enjoy a new Blindspot episode? Don’t hesitate to share your opinion with us!.

Blindspot airs Fridays at 8 / 7c on NBC.

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