1D Chronicles: Week Ending 12/23/17

We’re only a few days before Christmas, and I am sure I am not the only one thankful for the year that the 1D lads have had in 2017. Mainly because each have found measures of success in the solo arena, and are now able to take some time to themselves with their families over the holidays.

As the final days of 2017 approach, let’s take a look at the recent events in 1D world.


With Christmas approaching, there is little doubt that Harry will be heading home to spend time with his family. Well known for being close to his mum, it will be nice for them to have some quality time since the death of his step father, Robin, earlier this year.

In terms of Harry news, it was recently said by Dunkirk director Christopher Nolan that Harry wasnt chosen for his pre-existing fame, but for a much more surprising reason.

“He has an old-fashioned face … the kind of face that makes you believe he could have been alive in that period. Harry’s character’s very un-glamorous. It’s not a showboating role. Harry sent in a tape, and we liked the tape. And he joined the workshop, and that was that. It was a really old-fashioned process – and Harry’s features, ability and demeanor fitted right in.” – Christopher Nolan


Nialler has had a very good 2017, even beyond music. Signing with top modelling agency Whilhemina, he is taking his appeal to the page. This also goes for his recent appearance in Esquire, where he opens up about his physical change and how he felt about his 1D style.

“A while ago I was probably the worst-dressed man on the planet. Obviously some people can pull it off, and some people can’t. I happen to be one of those people that can’t. But I was 16 and 17, so you kind of let yourself get away with that.” – Niall, Esquire


Even though there is very little time left in this year, Liam is making sure he is on the forefront of everyones minds as it comes to a close. This week, it was revealed that Payno has paired up with 50 Shades of Grey star Rita Ora for a tune for the most recent instalment of the film, 50 Shades Freed. Titled For You, it is surely going to be a steamy tribute to the film it will lead, and we cant wait for Feb 14, 2018!


Tommo recently performed on the Royal Variety program, but to mixed reviews. Some blasted Louis for an out of tune performance, while others were quick to throw shade back to the trolls, saying they were merely looking for attention in bashing the star

Needless to say, the trolls can take a seat as we all know that Louis most definitely can sing. His many #1 solo songs can attest to that, I am sure.

Check back next week for our final 1D Chronicles of 2017!


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