10 Ships We Want To See Get Together In 2018

2017 was a good year for many fans of many different ships. Whether it was Olicity, WestAllen or Jake and Amy on Brooklyn 99, you got countless romantic/shippy moments to make your heart explode with joy.

Now having said that…there’s a few ships that we are reaching the point where the angst and the secret glances aren’t enough anymore. Where you yell at the screen “Okay enough with the longing eyes. Make with the making out now!” To that we have a number of ship in 2018 we want to see get (or back) together finally. From a pair of time-travelers to a pair of young , beautiful mutants, we are ready for them to get together and soon! So let’s start with said pair of time-travelers…


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These Two. Besides saving the world , things between Wyatt and Lucy simmered for almost the entirety of the first season. Everyone remembers the hot kiss they had during the “Bonnie and Clyde” episode and a bunch of moments that we can’t forget (THAT HUG. You know the one.) Now that Wyatt seems ready to finally move on from his wife’s death, its’ time for these two to be a couple. (Just hope it doesn’t get too awkward for Rufus in there.)


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These two are the textbook example of “Opposites Attract”. Originally placed together as soulmates in The Good Place, these two had zero in common. But what grew is a friendship that is slowly blossoming into attraction. They make each other better and when it was revealed it was The Bad Place, out hearts broke when Michael made them forget each other. But as with many OTPs , they felt the pull to one another again. Hopefully there will be no more resets and these two crazy kids can make a go of it finally.


7 seasons. We have waited 7 seasons for Harvey to figure it out. You know these two are meant for each other. Donna knows that. Everyone in the world knows that. Donna was tired of it so in the season 7 finale she took matters into her own hands. Once again , the ball is in Harvey’s court. Let this be his wake-up call to finally get a f*cking clue and get with Queen Donna ASAP.


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The biggest no-brainer ship we want of 2018 is this one right here. Kastle has exploded within the shipper community and if you have watched any of their scenes from The Punisher , it’s easy to see why. All of Frank and Karen’s scenes are filled with that extra sweet batch of chemistry that all iconic couples have. They just match each other so well as Karen’s caring over Frank is only matched by his concern for her. It’s only a matter of time before this closeness they have for one another explodes into passion.


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IT’S MULDER AND SCULLY, people. How they aren’t together already during this revival or that we have never had a on-screen sex scene is beyond me. (Actually it isn’t. Thanks for nothing Chris Carter)

These two invented chemistry 25 years ago and have never lost it and never will.

VALENCIA AND HEATHER – Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

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Now this is one that could be a unexpected one but I think it works really well. These fan-favorite characters have been burned by men and I think they should look to each other for companionship. The more you think about it, the more perfect a pairing Valencia and Heather look to be.

LUCIFER AND CHLOE (Deckerstar) – Lucifer


Feels like this has become our new Mulder and Scully. Every week their chemistry is on full display and every week something comes between to keep them apart. We are more than ready for The Detective and the Devil to become a couple. From beachside kisses to emotional birthday presents, you can’t unsee how these two are a perfect match for one another. SO come on and give us the Deckerstar we deserve!


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Now while this ship didn’t get to the easiest of starts (Messing with someone’s brain to give them false memories of a relationship will do that) but it’s slowly rebuilding. Johnny and Clarice have that connection that is easy to spot. It wouldn’t be the first time a couple has gotten together after a rocky road leading there. And if Polaris and Eclipse can make time for love during war, these two can as well.

COULSON AND MAY (Philinda) – Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

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This one almost happened but them the whole “One of them is a robot” trope happened. Don’t you hate when that happens to your ship? Now having been transported into the future, we’re not certain when these two will have the time to talk about their feelings. Our hope is though that they finally figure out a way to make Philinda work for real this time next year!


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(Slight spoilers from the comic books) – To round out our list is this pairing from The Runaways, Gert and Chase. Now we usually don’t care about comic canon around here but if Runaways wants to follow that then we wouldn’t mind if they got them together here as they did in the comics. Gert’s no-nonsense attitude fits perfectly with Chase’s caring but oblivious one. This is one that will slowly creep up on you but once you are aboard this ship, you never will want to get off.

Who do you ship together and want to see together in 2018? 

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