‘The Blacklist’ 5×09 Photos: ‘Ruin’

A little over a month after the heartbreaking fall finale that sent Tom Keen to his death, NBC has released the photos for tonight’s return of The Blacklist, “Ruin”. Liz will have to work through the grief of losing her husband, and judging from the photos, it looks like she’s going to do it by going after the people responsible for Tom’s murder.

It’s hard to say just what effect Tom’s death will have on the task force and its day to day operations, with Liz currently sidelined not just from the emotional pain, but from the own physical injuries she suffered at the hands of those who kidnapped her and Tom as well. There’s no doubt however, that losing a main character, especially one so close to Liz, will have massive repercussions, but Liz won’t have to deal with those repercussions alone. A couple of other photos from “Ruin” show the task force gathering at Liz’s apartment for dinner as a show of support. They are her family now, and they aren’t going to let her forget that she still has  a deep support network of people who love her. I just hope that Liz doesn’t decide to shut them out and go after Tom’s killers on her own, as almost every character in the show has done something like that before and it would be a tiresome waste of character development for everyone involved. The Blacklist is at it’s best when everyone on the task force works as a team without keeping secrets from each other or refusing help.

Curiously missing from the promotional images for “Ruin” is Red. At the end of the fall finale we saw him sitting by Liz’s bed side when she finally woke up from her coma, having to deliver the news of Tom’s death. It’s hard to imagine that he would be anywhere but at Liz’s side after she leaves the hospital, even though he always has his own problems to deal with, he consistently puts Liz’s needs before his own. Here’s hoping that we also get some information on what everyone else was up to while Liz was in a coma from “Ruin” tonight as well.

The synopsis is also worrying, as it sounds like Liz has left the task force to start a new life, at least for now while she deals with her grief. Let’s hope this doesn’t turn out to be the case when “Ruin” premiers tonight.

Check out the gallery and read the synopsis of “Ruin” below and I’ll see you all back here tonight!


Liz abandons her old life for a fresh start in a new place, but she is forced to draw on her emotional and physical strength in a brutal fight when a threat finds her.

The Blacklist airs Wednesdays at 8/9c on NBC.

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