Helena Bonham Carter Rumored To Be Cast As Who?

Now, this is a casting that we didn’t see coming. Like really, couldn’t have even guessed this one.

We know that the lead characters in The Crown are changing, as we’ll be experiencing a time jump when Season 3 premieres. Olivia Colman, who we know from The Lobster is the new Queen of England on Netflix’s, The Crown. It’s weird to be excited about it and at the same time, disappointed, because we’re so used to and will miss the OG Queen, Claire Foy.

That being said, there needs to be a new Princess Margaret too, and this is the casting that made our jaw hit the floor.

It’s being reported that Helena Bonham Carter has been cast as Princess Margaret for the upcoming third season. The two-time Oscar nominee will be taking on the role and it’s not that we think that she’d be bad at it – we don’t. We think she’d be fantastic. It’s surprising to us, because as we ran through the possibilities of who could play Margaret, we just never thought of her. As we said, it’s a casting we never saw coming.

But it’s one that we’re stoked about.

We think that she’d be great taking on the fearless and rebellious Princess. What do you think of the possibility?

Season 2 of The Crown is currently airing on Netflix.


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