SEAL Team 1×11 “Containment” review.

Previously on SEAL Team: Everything hurt. Jason got frustrated with Alana; Ray was in physical pain; Ray and Naima had financial problems; And a tight bond Davis had with Danny deteriorated when he tried to kiss her.
Painful. Everything hurts. How about an episode where things get better?
A little bit? For… some?
Thanks, Show!

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Jason and Alana are still learning how to parent together during this separation. She calls him to her office to meet and discuss Emma staying at a friend’s place in The Narrows. Before Jason even arrives Alana’s made her decision. She just wants him to back her up. He isn’t thrilled that he gets no say in the decision, but he agrees to call Emma and tell her he sides with her mom on this. It can’t be easy for Jason, who has so much control over his team at work, to have so little of it when it comes to his family at home. But he wants to fix things, make it work with Alana, so he’s learning to relinquish control – doesn’t mean he’ll like it though.
Things are still strained between them, and while they’re moving forward at a realistic pace, it hurts to watch.

“You excited to see Danny?”

I am, and this week we finally meet Danny, at a bar with Sonny and Davis. The tight bond he and Sonny had shines through as the two men first stare one another down, and then hug. He’s more reserved in his greeting with Lisa, more formal. The reunion is laced with awkwardness as the trio stumble their way back to pre-accident friendships. Sonny gets the topic of the accident and Danny’s scars out of the way quickly, using humor to conceal his emotions as best he can. But he falters, because the pain of it all is still too raw for him.

Painful situations continue as Jason discovers Ray’s been having issues with his shoulder.
And I discover that Ray in a muscle tee is my new favorite aesthetic.
Back to his shoulder injury though (if I must). Jason isn’t pleased to hear his 2IC isn’t operating at full strength, so until he’s had the scan and they know what’s going on, Ray’s sitting this deployment out.
For a man currently having financial troubles, being sidelined only adds to his stress.


Intel suggests a dirty bomb is on-route to Port Varna in Bulgaria, courtesy of the Ukrainian mob. It’s believed they’ve strapped explosives to ready-made radioactive material, and are trucking it through the countryside. The team’s job this week is to intercept the trucks, and secure the site. Doctor Dyer, their nuclear expert, will then confirm the cargo, and the team will keep it secure before the extraction team comes in and loads it onto helos. Basically, the SEALs will be acting as a containment team.

“I just had to make sure you had your toothbrush.”

As the team sits around, pre-departure, preparing at three in the morning, Ray arrives because he can’t let them leave without seeing them off.
“You guys gotta stop spacing out during the briefing,” he tells them after educating them on Dyer’s education.
“That’s why we have you,” Jason replies, except this time, they don’t. He’s right in that he can’t have Ray backing him up if he isn’t 100%, but, at the same time, by benching him he can force him to get the scan. He can at least control the safety and well-being of his team, his other family.

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In Bulgaria, our team sets up a roadblock and hauls the Ukrainian drivers out of the trucks. They find out the great news: It’s not a dirty bomb!
Not so great news? It’s a nuclear warhead instead…
Dyer thinks separating the warheads from the shells would be a mistake, and the choppers aren’t set up to handle the nukes.
Clay gives another option: Drive the trucks – and the nukes – out.
Sonny’s quick to speak up, reminding him they’re a containment team, but Jason’s listening to Clay, and since the nukes made it this far in the trucks without exploding, he agrees getting them to a base in the trucks is worth a shot. It’s clear on Sonny’s face this isn’t sitting well with him, more the fact Jason chose Clay’s suggestion over his, but he keeps quiet.


Back home, Naima and Ray discuss their options. He’s worried that getting the MRI; finding out it’s a significant injury means they’ll struggle even more to pay the bills. If he’s unable to perform hazardous duty he will no longer receive hazardous duty pay, and that’s all that’s helping them scrape by. Naima’s a calming presence, and Ray listens as she tells him his options, as far as she sees them, reminding him he needs to get this fixed now before it stops him from permanently doing his job. He agrees with her and promises to make the call. But making the call and speaking to his doctor turn out to be two different things.

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Welcome to the World’s Deadliest Roads: Bulgaria. Because that’s what basically happens over the next twenty minutes. It’s a tension-filled drive over gravel roads, around tight corners, and across crumbling bridges as our team pairs up and take the three trucks through a nail-biting obstacle course. Clay and Jason pair up in one truck, and Clay questions Jason on his plans for a second in command should Ray not return. He claims he’s asking because he’s hoping to have his own command one day so he’s just picking Jason’s brain. But I think he’s curious as to how a shift in rank of some members of this team would affect his own standing. Clay strikes me as someone who will use every opportunity to step up, and despite being the newbie I think it’s safe to assume he’s already eying up possible advancements.

Sonny and Dyer drive the second truck, and the air inside is filled with that wonderful Sonny awkwardness as he struggles with making conversation.

Things seem okay, until they hit the bridge. Truck number one makes it across, but Sonny’s truck blows out a tire halfway.

The only option now is to move all the shells into Jason and Clay’s truck, and have that truck transport them the final five klicks. Meanwhile, the buyers of the nukes have a convoy heading their way to find out why the Ukrainians didn’t check in.

“You’re gonna ambush a force three-times your size?” Mandy asks after Jason tells of his plan to split the team, to have one member get Dyer and the nukes to safety, while the others stop the convoy with bullets.
“We’re assaulters, it’s what we do. We assault.”

Jason, in control of his team, raises Sonny’s ire by making the decision Sonny will be the one to drive the truck out. Sonny’s on the verge of taking it personally, but Jason’s quick to explain his decision.
“Leadership sucks,” Sonny grouses in acceptance.
“Yeah, now you’re starting to sound like Ray,” Jason retorts. “I love it.”

More World’s Deadliest Roads follows, but this time Sonny manages to make something resembling conversation with Dyer.
The team takes out the convoy, Sonny drives the nukes to safety, and Jason and Sonny have a nice moment where he tells his temporary 2IC, “You did good, man.”


After that op, everyone needs to decompress. So it’s back to the bar. Ray lies about not needing surgery, having never spoken with his doctor. In what I expect is sadly all-too real behavior for SEALs, he tells Jason his doc’s got him on anti-inflammatories because he’s simply strained something.
Ray, I hope for your sake that’s the truth, or you’re going to be out for more than just one deployment in the (probable) near future.

The team sits at a table with Danny, who’s still teasing Davis.

Sonny arrives with Dyer. It seems they managed to bond during that drive after all. Hopefully there’ll be more “bonding” for them later that night. The man needs it.

Lisa excuses herself to get a beer, and Danny follows. He’s not a SEAL, he isn’t one of them – like Davis. Once upon a time they worked together, and that probably kept her from pursuing anything with Danny after he kissed her. Things are different now. He’s different now. He’s intense, crowds into her space, but these two have a history, and maybe a little something starting now in the present…


Despite their best efforts, Alana and Jason end up at the police station to pick up Emma, who, from earlier conversations, I’m guessing was not only drinking, but got into a car with others who had been drinking. Emma’s okay, but Alana’s sick with worry, and Jason, still looking for a little control back, offers to return home.
“I want to come home,” he tells her. She kisses him and claims it isn’t an answer, but it sure looked like one to me. She’s right in her response that it’s not the best timing for such a move to occur, but it’s nice to see them heading in that direction – even if Jason still has a lot to work on before they should be considering it. Even if right now his reasons still have more to do with himself, than for the good of the family.


Finally, my recurring gripe this week is with Mandy. If we’re not going to see any of her home life, if all her character is is this job that she does, will she survive into season two, in a show that’s as much about personal lives as it is professional ones? I’m long past ready to learn more about this character.


SEAL Team airs Wednesdays, 9/8c on CBS.


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