‘Shadowhunters’ Casting: Jordan Kyle Has Been Cast

We’re always scared when there is an addition to the cast of Shadowhunters. A million things run through our mind. Is it a canon character? If it’s not, how will they screw up this world more by introducing something that makes no sense?

Ya, we have little faith, but we’ve never made a secret of that.

We’re scared AF right now, because Jordan Kyle has been cast and we’re terrified of how the writers will make this character into something that he’s not supposed to be.

It’s nothing against Chai Hansen who will be taking on the role of Jordan.

The role of Jordan will be introduced by Simon.


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“Jordan comes into Simon’s life in a fun, unexpected way,” showrunners Todd Slavkin and Darren Swimmer said to EW. “The two instantly hit it off, but we soon find out there’s a lot more to Jordan than meets the eye, and repercussions that affect more than just Simon.”

We’re not sure that Todd and Darren know what fun is or Jordan’s role in the world, since it’s painfully obvious that they have never picked up the books nor conferred with Cassie on the role that these characters play overall. Jordan’s role is to make a painful point about the repercussions of doing something terrible. Please, Todd and Darren, explain to us all how that is fun?

Hansen will join the cast of Shadowhunters for the third season, which premieres March 20th, on Freeform.

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