‘The Walking Dead’: First Photos of Mid-Season Premiere Have Arrived!

AMC released a series of photos that give us our first look at the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead. Last we left off Alexandria was under siege by Negan, The Kingdom is practically in shambles because of their loss, and Carl was bitten by some random walker off screen. And…that’s about all we know because AMC is keeping tip-lipped about what’s to come next.

From what we can tell from the photos, Carl is still kicking in the Season 8 Episode 9 episode. His family, Rick and Michonne are by his side every step of the way and are trying to make sure that he survives, even if just for one more moment. The photos also show Maggie watching over Judith on the Hilltop, Carol and Morgan hiding out, and Daryl knee deep in water, armed and ready to defend himself.

We’re still holding onto hope that Carl is somehow immune and this was all a ruse to make us lose our heads during break. If not, it’ll be a heart-wrenching episode where we watch the boy we’ve seen grow up over eight seasons, perish right before our eyes. Prepare for the feels. You’ve been warned!

Check out the trailer and sneak peek for the mid-season return of The Walking Dead:

The Walking Dead returns February 25th at 9/8c on AMC.

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