Fangirlish’s NFL Pick Em: Conference Championships 2018

Who would’ve thought the Jacksonville Jaguars would be playing for a spot in Super Bowl 52?
Who would’ve thought Case Keenum and Nick Foles would be playing each other in the NFC Championship?
Who would’ve thought the New England Patriots would be playing in their seventh straight AFC Title Game? Oh, wait.
Conference Championship Weekend is upon us, and a spot in Super Bowl 52 is up for grabs. While it’s no surprise that the Patriots are back once again, who would’ve envisioned the Jaguars or Keenum-led Vikings or Foles-led Eagles would have led their team to this point?
Well, this season has certainly been a season of shocks.
Here are our picks for this Conference Championships:

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. New England Patriots

Sunday, Jan. 21, 2018; 3:05pm


Alyssa: Jaguars 28, Patriots 27 – Maybe this is more of me putting all my eggs in Jacksonville’s basket. Maybe it’s me wanting them to win that I’m trying to will it. Oh, it definitely is. If Blake Bortles can manage to not be Blake Bortles and this defense balls out, maybe I’ll get my wish.
Lizzie: Jaguars 28, Patriots 27 – I’m with Alyssa here. This is mostly wishful thinking, but hey, why not dream?
CharlesJaguars 21, Patriots 10 – Fuck it. Sure this probably won’t happen and New England will cruise to another Super Bowl. But I believe in Jason Mendoza. I believe in the Jaguars. Because why not?
Katherine: Patriots 38, Jaguars 17 – I’m going more with realism and I suppose my own New England bias, but I feel like the Patriots have this, or at least should have this. If they can get to Blake Bortles, and take away the running game like they did against Tennessee then they should be able to advance to their second straight Super Bowl, and 8th of the Brady/Belichick era.

Minnesota Vikings vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Sunday, Jan. 21, 2018; 6:40pm


Alyssa: Vikings 27, Eagles 17 – The Eagles might’ve caught the Falcons at the right time, but that won’t happen against a powerhouse Vikings team riding a wave of emotion. Who would’ve thought we’d get a Case Keenum vs. Nick Foles NFC Championship? Guess we’re finally going to get a team playing in the Super Bowl in their hometown!
Lizzie: Vikings 24, Eagles 21 – If you watched the game last week and don’t think that the Vikings are, somehow, the team of destiny, then we need to have a conversation.
CharlesEagles 13, Vikings 10 – Defense will be the name of the game and I just feel like the Eagles have a slightly better one at the moment. Foles and Keenum won’t light the world on fire but the running games will be the key.
Katherine: Eagles 28, Vikings 17 – While last weeks win against New Orleans was nothing short of thrilling, I see this one going in favor of the Eagles. An NFC Championship game between Case Keenum and Nick Foles is definitely the last thing that anyone would have predicted at the beginning of this season but here we are. I think the Eagles are playing with a chip on their shoulder, trying to prove that the reason that they are here is not solely based on Carson Wentz but the team as a whole. This game should be a good back and forth battle that is decided late in the game.

Who are your picks to advance to Super Bowl 52?

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