SEAL Team 1×12 “The Upside Down” Review

There was a mission this week, but it wasnt a terribly exciting one. But this week wasnt really about the mission, but more these characters lives back home, and the teams interactions while abroad.

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“Can you imagine your life without her.”

I had reservations when I saw the promo, and the scenes of Jason grocery shopping with Alana and the kids. Theyre not ready to live together again, they should not even be considering it. Honestly, Im not even convinced if they should try to get back together at all. Very little Ive seen has convinced me Jasons capable of change. But it’s okay, as it turns out the family is simply shopping together.

Mikey, as kids do, asks, Does this mean dads getting out of the navy?
Jason: Why would you say something like that?
Mikey: “Well, mom said you guys couldnt even consider getting back together till you were out.

It makes for an awkward, tense moment as Alana has to admit to having spoken those words out loud. And if she really feels that way which I think deep down she does its sad she vented it in front of the kids. Unless hes injured and incapable of doing his job, Jason will be with his SEAL Team until retirement. Its who he is.
I wanted to root for these two but Im suddenly feeling like I wouldnt be angry with Alana if she started to move on.

Speaking of moving on, is Jason still crashing on Rays couch? Because if he is, thats a thing that needs to stop (or he could pay rent.).  

We finally get to see Lisa at home and Dannys in her bed. Lisas preparing for Officer Candidate School, surely theres a lot of story to be told there. Instead, her love life becomes the focus. Of course, were going to see how she navigates relationships, its part of this show every week, but there was an opportunity here that, instead of pairing Lisa up, her conflicts and relationship struggles could have come in her officer training, with the people she interacts with during it.  I can appreciate that perhaps these conflicts will be more more focused on how she’ll navigate a relationship with someone who’s ex-military and living with the scars, while she works side-by-side with the team Danny could have been a member of, than the usual relationship drama.

At least I still have Mandy, who is well, shes there. Every week.
They gave her one episode this season where she had a little more to do. I might have to accept that
s it. But what personal relationships does she struggle with because of this job? Does she have a sister? A brother? Nieces and nephews that she rarely sees? Is her family sick of her missing Christmas? Does she have friends outside of work? Whats her life like? And why did she choose to put such a big wall up? I have a lot of questions about Mandy!

Clay and Stella have the big Deployment talk, now that theyve both found the courage to bring it up. Stellas worried, and shes not hiding it. Making things worse is the fact hell likely be gone for three months while on deployment. These two have a lot to talk through, but neither has figured out quite how.  

In more exciting news, Rays back! Even though he shouldnt be. And hes lying through his teeth about his shoulder to Jason. I miss Ray when he isnt on the team, but Ill miss him a whole lot more if hes benched because of an injury. So get that fixed. Now. Please. Because dont think we all dont see you using your other arm for basic things instead of your injured one.


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Im not talking about the mission, but while the teams on route to Iraq, Clays still got deployment on his mind. He goes to Jason for advice. Hes building a camaraderie with Jason, but its laced with awkwardness. Sitting beside Jason, Clay throws a glance at Brock, whos settling in to sleep, before quietly bringing up deployment. Jason knows instantly this has to do with Stella.


Jason tells Clay to get some rest but sleep looks like the last thing Clay will be doing tonight.

I like Sonny, I do. But then he suggests the Iraqis are just out of the stone age, and I wish hed just stay quiet. This isnt the first time, and I know it wont be the last. Its the kind of guy he is. Still, it makes him hard to like. On a related note, I think its a shame the show chose to go with a Southern accent for this

character while giving him some of the lines that they do.
hrough all this, Mandy listens, and watches, and watches, and listens.

The teams on the ground in Iraq, with some pretty night vision work lighting our screens up green. Inside a building Clay is navigating around a hole in the floor when the building shakes from an explosion and the ground disappears beneath him. Hes conscious, and awake, but he isnt moving. He tells Ray hell be on his six, but his leg is pinned beneath a slab of concrete, and his radio isnt working. He attempts to use his weapon as leverage to shift the rock, but he only succeeds in damaging his weapon. With some effort, he manages to slide his leg out.
Ray tries to contact Clay on the radio, but hes receiving no response. Its now he sees there are three armed men above Clays position.

Jason has a lot of faith in Clay, which was evident back when he chose him for the team, and he trusts him now to be able to hold his own, despite being down a hole thats about to get a visit from one of the Iraqis. He manages to dodge that bullet (almost literally), and then warns the team with a light that can only be seen on night vision that the Iraqis have an anti-aircraft gun pointed at them.


First time the kid saves our asses we might actually owe him a case of beer.
Damn straight, Sonny.


Mandy gets a few more lines as she and Lisa find a tunnel in for the team so they can go get their injured boy.

On the helicopter, Clay sits with Cerberus sprawled across him, but the weight currently on his mind is a lot heavier than the dog on his lap.  

 Nice family we got, Mandy says as she Jason observe the team and talk. Theres a subtle chemistry swirling around these two. I really hope this isnt what the writers have planned for her. I need more for this character.

Back home, and Clays stuck in a hospital bed when Stella comes to be with him. Okay, fine. Ill admit Im less suspicious of her now. She seems to genuinely care for him. Im rather protective of Clay, so while Im still not completely sold on her character, Im not side-eying her the way that I was.

I dont want to have a relationship thats defined by walls and boundaries, he tells Stella. Like his dad had with him and his mom, and like Jason has with his family. And, if he ever spoke with Mandy, like the big ol wall she has up thats SO big she actually doesnt have a life beyond her job.
Anyway, then Clay does something REALLY stupid and instead of breaking up with Stella, he proposes.

She doesnt seem like the kind who would say yes to that kind of a proposal.

I guess well find out in the next episode if hes engaged, just dating, or single

In two weeks.

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