Wait, A ‘Party of Five’ Reboot? Yes Please!

Party of Five introduced us to the likes of Scott Wolff, Lacey Chabert, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and so many more. It was a show that touched our hearts and it was appointment television.

When Party of Five went off the air there was something missing. Sure, there are reruns, streaming services, and all of that, but appointment television was/is something that’s missing.

Turns out that we may be getting a reboot of the show, which means we’ll be getting it back and we’re excited about it. Freeform has made a pilot production commitment with Sony Pictures Television Studios for a new take on the drama.

Yes, that was us squealing in delight right there. Yes, we’re always nervous with any reboot, but can you blame us?

The original series ran from 1994-2000 and followed 5 siblings and their lives after their parents died. The new series? Well it wouldn’t be siblings after their parents die, it would be about the Buendias children following their parents deportation. It’s getting political and we’re glad that it would address important issues.

Would you be excited for a Party of Five reboot?

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