‘How To Get Away With Murder’ 4×09 Review: He’s Dead

You know when there is just way too much going on that you gotta give yourself a breather?

Yeah, well that’s how I felt with the mid-season premiere of How To Get Away With Murder.

Like, it’s been two months since the last episode so when they picked up exactly where we left off, I was just like whaaaat?!

There’s no surprise that this show will hit you with a bang in every episode, especially during the last minute or two. But there is so much at stake right now, I don’t even know where to begin.

Annalise is in a bit of turmoil now after going through what is a pretty traumatic moment with trying to save Lauren’s premature baby’s life by that elevator. But much to her surprise, things start to get weird when Laurel’s father steps foot into the hospital and everything starts to click for her.

Laurel’s father is the absolute worst, he needs to get what is coming to him. He needs to pay for Wes’ death and now he has the audacity in trying to receive custody of Laurel’s baby while deeming her as unfit to care for it? What kind of father-daughter relationship is this? It’s a family affair that is much greater than it seems. Something needs to be done about it.

But the thing that ticked me off is Laurel. She knew that her father knows that she’s pregnant, yet she continued to move along with her plan. Even after Dominic warned her. Laurel brought everyone into this mess, but I’m sorry I’m going to have to put the majority of the blame on her.

Now because of her vendetta against her father and knowing how conniving he is, not only is Michaela’s life in ruins once again but pretty much the whole gangs.

Y’all should have minded your own business just like Connor decided to do. Just when he was giving himself that distance out of all of this, trying his best in not getting involved, he’s back into this trap. Sorry dude.

I don’t blame him for telling them I told you so. Their mistakes are getting out of hand and someone should tell them straight.

Now, SIMON IS STILL ALIVE. For some reason I felt like he was going to survive this, but that shot he took to his head was deadly. I’m surprised the writers decided to keep him alive. But this means more trouble for the Keating 4. Do you think he’s going to spill it to the police? Maybe he might actually remember what happened. But it seems like Oliver is the only one that is vouching for him to stay alive, compared to the rest of the gang that are only looking out for themselves.

“We can always send Frank into his room with a pillow to take care of it.”


Damn, these people are really far gone. But Oliver is pissed at how they are trying to handle this. He’s kind of right, given most of the time he’s the one with the conscious. However, Connor did warn him time and time again to not get involved with the group. Now he’s in some pretty heavy sh*t that he can’t escape from. It’s all or nothing now, Ollie. You’re stuck!

Let’s talk about Frank for a second. Reaaally? You couldn’t wait maybe an hour or two without going after Dominic? Ah, when will he learn?

So it looks like Annalise is back to cleaning up the gang’s mess now. You can’t get rid of her that easily. Now that there are more details involving Wes after that voicemail from Dominic’s phone, she’s going to be invested in this one. That voicemail though…what was Wes up to? That means Dominic knew him before he killed him? Wow, it’s like right when you’re trying to solve one piece of the puzzle, there is always going to be something that will take you one step back, questioning everything.

I don’t know what to expect from here on out, but I do feel like there is a lot of things happening all at once and I think it could get toned down a notch. Just a little bit.

Other thoughts:

  • The baby is definitely Wes’.
  • Brilliant performances by everyone, as always. They really know how to bring out the fear in their characters. Snots and tears and all that.
  • Ugh, Bonnie. Go away.

What did you think of the midseason premiere of How To Get Away With Murder? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

How To Get Away With Murder airs Thursdays at 10/9c on ABC.


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