Fangirlish’s FEELS of the Week: January 14th – January 20th

Welcome to another Sunday of talking about the shows that made us laugh, cry, go awww and, of course, look around and wonder what in the world was happening. We took a little break last week, cause holiday, so this week, expect even MORE feels. Because, if it made us feel things, whether they were good, or bad, then this is where we talk about it. This is where you tell us if you agree. This is where we let it all out.

So, without further ado, here are our picks:

Badass Female Character of the Week


Lizzie: Look, ultimately what Polaris did on this week’s season finale of The Gifted might end up hurting more than it helps, but she took control, she showed what a badass she was and she did what she thought she needed to do to save the people she loves and to pave the way towards a new world. Misguided? Maybe, but you can’t say it’s not exciting to see this show willing to take her there.

Milka: I have been looking forward to seeing how Jo’s storyline develops and this week Grey’s Anatomy really delivered! Seeing Jo navigating her feelings when faced with her violent ex-husband and trying to find ways not only to control her feelings but to help the woman he is currently with brought up so many emotions in me and made me love Jo even more. What a badass, strong female warrior!

Lyra: The cast of Wayward Sisters during the back-door pilot on Supernatural. Every single woman was a badass in their own right and they deserve a full season order to explore their stories, motivations, and future in Sioux Falls. They were a family who could depend on each other and fought at each other’s side no matter what creepy crawlees came their way. That unified front is what allowed them to save Sam & Dean and win a spot in my heart as the most anticipated show of Fall 2018.

OTP of the Week

Lizzie: Mulder and Scully, on The X-Files. Because they did the SEX. Twice. Chris Carter can yell platonic at the top of his lungs, and refuse to show us Mulder and Scully actually having sex, as if seeing them was going to make us turn into goo, but he can’t make the fact that these two people love each other AND want to bone disappear. That’s a fact.

Kayla: FitzSimmons on Agents of SHIELD! Oh my! They dropped that hint that they do get married some point with showing them wearing wedding rings in a scene I can only refer to as a “flashback” or “flash forward”. But the PDA is good for now. I’ll take it. Definitely my OTP this week!!

Lyra: Lynne and Jefferson Pierce on Black Lightning. People…the chemistry is real between these two. One episode and already I am planting my flag in this ship and never giving them up! Even though they’re divorced they are clearly still in love with each other and know how to work together like a well oiled machine. I’m looking forward to figuring out what tore them apart and what will bring them back together. Jefferson becoming Black Lightning again might just bring them together again instead of tearing them apart like cliched superhero shows before Black Lightning would make you believe.

Moment that made you collapse into a puddle of FEELS


Kayla: On Supergirl, Mon-El’s “I still care about you.” and him telling Brainiac 5 to watch the “precious cargo” – referring to Kara – made me go into so many feels. He still cares. The parallel to season 2’s “Let’s Be Heroes” end scene is all I needed and we got it!! My Karamel heart! It’s not in the OTP of the Week cause of all the angst, but definitely a puddle of feels.

Danielle: On the winter premiere of How to Get Away with Murder, Annalise seeing Laurel’s beautiful black baby in the NICU. Seeing him all small and tiny and adorable brought tears to my eyes. I was also born premature, so in a way, it always pulls on my heartstrings to see babies come into this world a little early. My heart was also being tugged back and forth when Annalise fought tooth and neck to try to get the baby back from Laurel’s evil father. What would he want with a tiny baby that was just born?!

Lyra: Kaia’s death on Wayward Sisters and the mourning scenes with Claire that came after it. The CW caught me by surprise with the bond between these two women. And I became so invested in the friendship (possible romance) brewing between them that Kaia’s death felt like a punch to the throat. Claire promised to protect her and Kaia put her trust into this brave and tough as nails woman. At the end, Kaia reaching out to hold Claire’s hand and the sacrifice she made to protect her friend, tore me in two and showed me that even the most unlikely can be the heroes of a story. Now I’m going to cry about Kaia and look up the #Dreamhunter tag. Ly, out!

Superhero of the Week


Kayla: Supergirl!! She comes out of her coma and literally flies right back into battle against Reign. What a bad ass! I love Kara Zor-El!!

Lizzie: Jefferson Pierce, on Black Lightning. Seriously, can I just write him in on this category from now till the end of eternity? And it’s not just because of the suit and the powers, either, it’s because of the man he is when he isn’t wearing them.

Quote of the Week


Danielle: “I actually liked being fat because I liked being mad at myself all the time. I liked the voice.” – Kate, This Is Us

Lizzie:Black Lightning was the savior who kept our streets and our schools safe. He was hope personified. But he was also Jefferson Pierce, my father.” – Anissa Pierce, Black Lightning

Milka: “You are Jo Wilson. I know exactly who you are.” – Meredith Grey, Grey’s Anatomy

Lyra: “Don’t tell me it tastes like chicken.” “No, Sam, it’s a lizard. It tastes like a lizard.” – Sam & Dean Winchester, Supernatural

WTF Moment of the Week


Kayla: Probably them not using the Christmas party as Barry’s alibi on The Flash. Seriously!! It’s a legit alibi and they totally didn’t use it.

Also on Supergirl, Mon-El’s lack of powers is another WTF. Where’d his powers go?? Because emasculating Mon-El to prop up Kara (and any other female character) isn’t feminism! It’s like the writers don’t have a clue that feminism is equality, not a woman overpowering a man. Kara and Mon-El should really be equals (in strength and powers) if you want true feminism.

Danielle: I’d said this before, but I wanted to elaborate on it. From How to Get Away with Murder, my heart was also being tugged back and forth when Annalise fought tooth and neck to try to get the baby back from Laurel’s evil father. What would he want with a tiny baby that was just born? And how could the hospital staff hand him over to Laurel’s father so easily? What kind of clearance or security does he have? It was all so ridiculous and actually pissed me all the way off.

Lyra: A chip…fixed…John’s nerve damage? Dude, Curtis needs to quit his job on Arrow and stop this newbie vigilante team he’s got going on. This is his real career! Saving people and giving them a second chance at life through his super chips. Yup. I said it.

Agree? Disagree? Have another moment you think we missed? Share with us in the comments below!


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