‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 14×10 Review: Personal Jesus

When Shonda Rhimes wants to convey important issues on her shows with matters that pertaining and are heavily occurring in the world, she delivers the hell out of them.

The is week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy titled “Personal Jesus” was one of them.

All I gotta say was that this episode hurt, it hurt in ways where you can truly feel how each of the characters is feeling and knowing it was something that was to not take lightly. But the best part about this episode is how all of these issues are coming to light, and how they are portrayed on prime-time television.

Let’s start with where we left off with Paul.

Turns out Jo and Alex were not responsible for Paul’s accident, it was a drunk driver.


However, the surprising part of it all is that Jenny spoke the truth. She relied on Jo as she tells her heartbreaking story about her abusive relationship with Paul as she explains the exact thing that was happening to her, which also happened to Jo. That moment between Jo and Jenny was so intense and also a relief to know that Jo is there for her. I love it when ladies support ladies. We need this now more than ever.

Domestic violence isn’t something that is easy to fight against when you’re alone, scared and everything in between. I’m glad Jenny came forth with it and the fact that Jenny kept quiet about putting the blame on Jo when the cops were questioning her.

When Jenny later confronts Paul, he gets scary really quick and tries to attack Jenny, but he ends up with a different fate. Hurting himself while doing so, he becomes brain dead and then dies as Jo makes the decision to pull the plug.

I feel like she was able to get some closure now. She has kept this secret all to herself for so long, and now she can finally breathe and live her life without the fear of wondering if Paul will be after her. The closure is good, it’s needed and that’s when you truly feel like you’ve moved on.

Moving onto one of the main spotlights in this episode: April Kepner.

She’s had a pretty rough day. But the whole theme that circles her in “Personal Jesus” is the crippling feeling of the thought of having doubts about your faith. This too is a topic that not many shows shed light on. It is something that is important to many and with it comes with a lot of pain, and a lot of doubtfulness one can only bear.

I can imagine it is a hard topic to go on for Sarah Drew because is a Christian in real life as well. For April, she was brought back to the sadness of when she lost her first baby, to losing Eric who got shot, Matthew’s wife who died after giving birth, and even Paul all in one day took a toll on her which brought her to her breaking point.

The questioning of God and wondering why everything around her was in ruins. It’s something that most practicing individuals can come across with, and to have April feel that way was, in fact, OK.

It happens, and you can’t always feel like you have to be strong. You can see a lot of hurt in her eyes through the whole episode and Sarah Drew does a great job portraying the character in which will probably shift her personality in the upcoming episodes. I…think?

Last but not least, the other topic that came to light in this episode: Police Brutality.

Can I just give a standing ovation to my man, Jesse Willaims for a moving yet poignant performance while tacking this issue as Jackson?!


That whole plot made me mad but also so sad because this is an issue today that is STILL breaking us as a society.

The profiling and the biased judgment that goes against black men, women and even KIDS is disheartening and angering. Just because of the color of their skin. A system that is yet still rooting for breaking and tearing down a community.

Those moments were especially hard to watch, and even Jackson had a story of his own that relates to being profiled by the way that he looks.


The scene between Bailey, Ben, and Tuck. They had the talk with Ben and I just wanted to cry. The talk black parents now have to have with your child to protect himself against the police because you never know if he will make it home that day or not.

That conversation felt so, so real. The fear of losing your child because of the color of their skin, the fear of losing your child because of the way he looks and talks to authority. It was real.


“You cannot ever run away from them. No matter how afraid you are.”


“Never, never, never run.”

“Personal Jesus” delivers a poignant yet a very significant an powerful episode, to say the least. We need more messages like this brought upon on our screens.

Other feelings:

  • Dr. Roy was so freaking annoying. His childish remarks were too much.
  • Maggie unleashing her inner nerd with the boys was so cute. Science; don’t we just all love it?
  • Alex Karev has grinned more than once in this episode, mainly due to Jo and I love it. He cares so deeply for her, I can’t wait until they get married.
  • I wanna see more of Jenny in the future, I enjoy seeing Bethany on TV again.
  • Does Owen not have a storyline anymore? The last time we had some good amount of screen time with him was when he and Amelia called it quits. What is he up to now?

What did you think of this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays at 8/9c on ABC.

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