Women’s Revolution and History Being Made: A preview of this Sunday’s Royal Rumble

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One of the wonderful things about Fangirlish is the ability to go through many different aspects of sports and entertainment. This article will talk about the combination of the two : WWE and the history that is going to be made this sunday in Philadelphia.

The Women’s Revolution is a catchphrase that you’ll hear once a week on WWE programming but it’s also been a part of the important wave of women who have energized women’s pro wrestling – not just in WWE but also in different Indie promotions such as SHINE and SHIMMER. On January 28th, for the first time, not only will there be the usual 30-man Royal Rumble but also a 30-woman Royal Rumble.

*A quick explanation of the Royal Rumble for those who don’t know: Wrestlers enter every 30-60-90 second interval from 1 through 30 and the only way to be eliminated is being thrown over the top rope. Last woman standing is the winner and earns a title shot at the Women’s champion on Raw (Alexa Bliss) or Smackdown (Charlotte Flair)*

As a wrestling fan of over 25 years, I never thought I would see a Women’s Royal Rumble. I remember the days of the Attitude Era where for every one serious Women’s match, there would be 10 “Bra and Panties” matches. Despite the best efforts of talented wrestlers like Trish Stratus, Mickie James and Lita and then later on Michelle McCool, AJ Lee among others,  the late 90’s up to the early 2010’s were not a good time for professional women’s wrestling in the public’s eye.

Something happened however around 2013-2014 in a little place called NXT. NXT is like college football to the WWE’s pro football. (Not the best comparison but bear with me please). In NXT, women’s wrestling became important. It was on the forefront of their shows. Instead of 3-minute matches that no one would remember, the ladies were having 15-20 minute technical masterpieces. Thanks to the efforts of Paige(who sadly is injured and cannot compete in the Rumble) , Emma, Summer Rae and then later on The Four Horsewomen (Bayley, Becky Lynch, Charlotte and Sasha Banks), the women went from afterthoughts to main event NXT Takeovers.

And as these ladies moved to the main roster, they made even more history. From having the first ever Women’s Money in The Bank Ladder Match to main-eventing a WWE pay-per-view called “Hell In a Cell” ( Unique titles for shows is a wrestling thing) , the ladies showed that the “Women’s Revolution” wasn’t going to go away or be a fad. They were here to stay for good.

A few weeks back, Stephanie McMahon interrupted a women’s match (which was main-eventing a Monday Night RAW by the way) to announce that the Royal Rumble PPV would make history ; By having 2 Royal Rumbles on one night. One for the Men and one for the Women. The segment was met with mixed reactions but the message of it was the important part.

So as we go into this sunday’s Royal Rumble, lets have a look at some of the women that are in this historic event. (If I forget to mention your favorite, my apologies. Also there is a chance of many surprise entrants as well.)


Courtesy of WWE

The master of “Straight Fire” and one of the Four Horsewomen, Becky Lynch is considered one of the favorites to win the Rumble. A cornerstone of the Smackdown brand, she is considered one of the truest babyfaces (good guy) left in WWE.  Becky has earned a loyal fan following since her early days in Ireland and is a personal favorite of this writer as well.


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Nicknamed “The Boss”, Sasha Banks is a multiple-time WWE champion who has made history with her fellow Horsewoman Charlotte Flair (Who is not in the Rumble as she is the Women’s Champion on  Smackdown ) as they main-evented inside Hell in a Cell. Sasha would like nothing better to be the first winner of the Royal Rumble.


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A beloved fan-favorite, Bayley enters the Rumble as the perennial underdog. Even though she is a former champion herself, Bayley has been in a bit of a slump lately. Known as being a bit too nice, Bayley’s dark side could be unleashed in the Rumble.


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Asuka is considered the favorite to win the Rumble by far. Asuka carries a undefeated streak dating all the way back to debut on Monday Night Raw (and she was considered undefeated in NXT….even though she lost a battle royal but that’s a whole different story). With her vicious strikes and dangerous skill, Asuka has earned the fans’s respect in the short time she has been with the company.


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Carmella has already won a historical match when she won the first-ever Money In The Bank match and now looks to add another triumph to her growing resume. The “Princess of Staten Island” is on a roll and is a upset pick in the wings to win.

So these are just a few of the 30 ladies that are going to compete in the Women’s Royal Rumble on January 28th in Philadelphia on the WWE Network. Regardless of your feeling on pro wrestling, this is a historical step in women’s wrestling and we hope for a safe and fantastic event this Sunday.

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