The Season 2 Trailer of ‘Famous in Love’ Gives Us Nothing And Yet We Want More

We’re ready for Season 2 of Famous in Love. We can’t wait to see who exactly Paige Townsend chooses (and if it’s Jake, I’m gonna be pissed). Freeform has released the trailer for season 2 and we know absolutely nothing from it.

Sure, we’re getting a look at Paige’s choice (which isn’t a choice, Team Rainer all the way) between Rainer and Jake, Jordan and Tangy (they don’t belong together), and new people and new trouble. We have to give it up to Freeform, get us interested by giving us nothing. No dialogue. No nothing. Just pics.

Now don’t get me wrong, we’re loving the way the trailer is set up and we’re so excited that Danielle Campbell has joined the cast (look, we’re fans of The Originals until we die).

We’re wondering what is going to happen in Season 2 and what we can expect. We need answers.

The trailer debuted on EW and Marlene King had this to say about the show, “Season 2 goes deeper into the lives of our characters, learning more about them as they navigate their complex lives and relationships. The ride is fun, messy, delicious and filled with twists and unexpected turns. The betrayals run deep but so do our core friendships and love stories. Characters will be tested and challenged, but they’ll also be given opportunities that take them in new and different directions.”

We have to say, we’re missing seeing Rebecca Serle on set and we’re wondering why she’s not there. Cut out the author and you’re really kinda screwing yourself. Freeform should have learned that from Shadowhunters.

The second season of Famous In Love premieres on Freeform on Wednesday, April 4, 2018.

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