5 Reasons Why the Philadelphia Eagles Will Win Super Bowl LII

The Philadelphia Eagles defied all odds and underdog expectations to advance to Super Bowl LII, where the New England Patriots await, once again. The Eagles weren’t supposed to be here. Not after Carson Wentz tore his ACL. Not when the odds seemed stacked against them.
Yet here they are. Riding a wave of momentum to the NFL’s biggest stage where they will face the Goliath to their David. And yet, the Eagles have given you no reason to doubt them. But they want you to keep doubting them. It’s worked in their favor for this far. What’s to stop them now?
Here are 5 reasons why the Philadelphia Eagles will win Super Bowl LII:

1. That Defense Can Bring the Pressure

That old adage of “defense wins championships” couldn’t be more true for the Philadelphia Eagles. They used that dominant defense to win an NFC Championship. And if they have anything to say about it, they’ll amp up the pressure on Tom Brady to bring home a Super Bowl Championship. If there’s one way to stop — or least slow down — Brady it’s by bringing the pressure. Expect the Eagles to watch both Super Bowls in which the New York Giants defense hounded Brady en route to two Super Bowl titles. The Eagles might not put up the numbers (re: sacks), but there’s no doubt that they’ve been one of the most potent defensive fronts in the league. They’re able to bring the pressure like no other to force the quarterback into mistakes. Fletcher Cox anchors a defensive line that is the foundation of Philly’s physical defense. Then you add in players like Chris Long, Vince Curry, Brandon Graham, and Beau Allen, and the Patriots will certainly have their hands full come Feb. 4. And expect the Eagles to ensure that their defense is a huge reason why they (could) win Super Bowl LII.

2. The Redemption of Nick Foles

Heading into December, it was a foregone conclusion that the Philadelphia Eagles would likely be the NFC representative in Super Bowl LII. That potent offensive attack — helmed by stud QB Carson Wentz — and that dominant defense made it a weekly mission to destroy their competition. But when Wentz went down with a torn ACL in early December, everyone began writing the Eagles off. No longer was Philadelphia expected, or legitimately in the conversation, to nab a Super Bowl berth. Especially with Nick Foles at quarterback. Foles proved everyone right early on. But once Doug Peterson let his backup QB air it out — remembering that Foles was once a Pro Bowl QB — Foles began to look like the Foles Eagles fans used to know. The Eagles certainly have the defense to win Super Bowl LII, and now it appears as if they have the quarterback — even without Carson Wentz — to do it. If they allow him to.

3. They’ve Embraced Their Underdog Status

In a city where Rocky defied the ultimate odds, Eagles fans have embraced their underdog status that has seemingly followed them around since Carson Wentz went down before the playoffs. The Eagles were a favorite to win Super Bowl LII long before they locked up a playoff berth and the No. 1 seed. Granted, a big part of the Eagles success was Wentz and his massive jump from year one to year two. But the Eagles are so much more than the quarterback. And people seemed to forget that. In fact, in the divisional game against the Atlanta Falcons, the Eagles were the first No. 1 seed to be the underdog to a No. 6 seed — at home. And what did they do? Take out the Falcons’ high-flying offense en route to the NFC Title Game, where once again they were underdogs in the eyes of fans. But what did they do? They destroyed the Minnesota Vikings to advance to the Super Bowl. The Eagles certainly have embraced their underdog status and used that as motivation to prove doubters wrong. And, once again, the Eagles are the underdog heading into Super Bowl LII. Wonder if the trend continues…

4. They Feel Like a Team of Destiny

I might not like it, but the Philadelphia Eagles feel like a team of destiny this season. After last season’s 7-9 record and last place division finish, the Eagles soared to the top of the NFC East and the NFC with a dominating defense and an exciting offense under young quarterback Carson Wentz. They were soaring high for most of the season but had to deal with injuries, which includes losing Wentz in the final weeks of the regular season. You figured that was it. The Eagles were finished before they even played a down of playoff football. There was no way Nick Foles could lead this offense the way Wentz had. Which is true, but Foles did play the game of his life when he needed to. Even with injuries and underdog status, the Eagles felt destined to reach Minnesota in Super Bowl LII. In fact, you could say they’re destined to be the team that begins the end of the Patriots dynasty.

5. They Don’t Let Off the Gas When They’re Ahead

One thing that Eagles coach Doug Peterson made clear coming out of halftime of the NFC Championship game was that his team was not going to let off the gas. The Eagles’ 24-7 halftime lead wasn’t enough. They weren’t going to get complacent. When that happens, bad things usually happen. (Just watch the New England Patriots.) So as the Eagles prepare to face the one team that you should never and can never count out, in the Patriots, the one thing that doesn’t concern me is complacency. The Eagles don’t just want to beat you. They want to destroy you. It doesn’t matter how big their lead is, they’re going to continue to pound the rock until the final seconds tick off. Just in case you were wondering if the Eagles will fall prey to another 28-3 Super Bowl heartbreak.
Stay tuned for our counter-post: Super Bowl LII: 5 Reasons Why the New England Patriots Will Win.
Super Bowl LII will take place on Sunday, Feb. 4 at 6:30pm on NBC.

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