‘iZombie’ Braves a New World in Season 4 Trailer

iZombie has decided to throw the zombie book out the window and go for something completely new in it’s fourth season. With the zombie secret out, everyone sick wants to get into New Seattle, the walled off infection zone. Cops are now having to deal with every single one of them having a zombie partner like Liv and Clive. And Major and his team are in charge of keeping the peace between the two factions.

Brains are also becoming something taken care of in a factory. That leaves Blaine in a zombie pickle as he needs income and a way to hustle the masses. A restaurant catering to the undead emerges and becomes quite popular.

That leaves Liv, the titular and central character of our story. She’s going to be dealing with the fact that her life isn’t a secret anymore. It was one thing for her Ravi and her closest friends to know, but now everyone knows that the white hair and pale skin means ‘zombie’.

It will be a time of readjusting for our crime fighting hero and hopefully an opportunity for Liv to get back in touch with her family.

Check out the trailer for iZombie 4×01, entitled “Beast Mode”:

iZombie premieres February 26, 2018 at 9/8 c on The CW.

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