Fangirlish’s NFL Pick Em: Super Bowl LII

David vs. Goliath. Rocky vs. Ivan Drago. Eagles vs. Patriots.
Welcome to Super Bowl LII.
Eagles fans will remind you that they’re embracing their underdog status. Patriots fans will remind you that they still have Tom Brady, so they’re always going to be favored to win. And football fans, that aren’t fans of either, will remind you that all they want for this Super Bowl is a good game.
But both teams have proven that you can’t count them out. Whether it’s losing your MVP-candidate starting quarterback just before the playoffs or trailing late in the AFC Championship game, the Eagles and Patriots will not go down without a fight. And that might just be the ingredients to give football fans, the fans that don’t want either team to win, the thrilling game that they seek.
Here’s our final NFL Pick Em of the 2017-18 season!

Why do you think the Philadelphia Eagles will win Super Bowl LII?

Alyssa: The Eagles have embraced this underdog role to near perfection. This was a team early on in the regular season that most had pegged to not only make the Super Bowl but win it. But that was with their MVP-caliber quarterback Carson Wentz under center. The second-year quarterback fueled a power offensive attack that, in conjunction with the Eagles’ dominant defense, made Philadelphia the team to beat in the NFC and the NFL. Then Wentz went down, and nobody was giving the Eagles a chance to make it to the Super Bowl, yet alone win a playoff game. Nick Foles has stepped into a competent Eagles offense and was a big reason why they shut down the Vikings. But people forget that this Eagles team is more than its quarterback. Don’t forget about how impressive Philadelphia’s defense has been this season. It’s the reason they’ve won these two playoff games. And if there’s one thing that’s been proven to take down the near-untouchable Tom Brady, it’s pressure. If the Eagles are going to win this game, their defense is going to have to give them the chance to.
Lizzie: Because why not? They have the team to do it and they’ve played a fantastic postseason, so they seem to be hitting their stride in the best possible moment. Plus, that defense. If the past few years have proven anything is that defense will almost always win this game and the Eagles have the defense to do that. If the offense can keep from making mistakes, the Eagles have a real chance here.
Charles: Their defense steps up and stops the Patriots offense. They have played almost lights out all playoffs long and have shown toughness in doing so. Nick Foles doesn’t have to be perfect but if he doesn’t turn over the ball , the Eagles have a shot.
Katherine: The Eagles have the pass rush that can get to the Patriots and will be able to pressure Tom Brady, which is when he tends to make mistakes. Last year in the Super Bowl against Atlanta they were able to get to Brady which forced the Patriots to show the cracks in their armor. Other than the defensive abilities of the Eagles, they have some pretty solid offensive options in Zach Ertz, who is incredibly hard to cover, and Alshon Jeffery, who also comes up with some big plays. In the running game the duo of LeGarrette Blount and Jay Ajayi are pretty hard to tackle, the Patriots know this about Blount. Couple that with the momentum they have coming off their NFC Championship win, they have a chance.

Why do you think the New England Patriots will win Super Bowl LII?

Alyssa: History says that the Patriots should and will win Super Bowl LII. They’re 5-2 in Super Bowl appearances (with their two losses coming to the New York Giants), and there’s nobody that does it better. Just because I don’t like the Patriots doesn’t mean that I can discount their productivity and what they’re managed to accomplish over the years. The combination of Bill Belichick and Tom Brady have made the Patriots a dynasty. It’s the immediate reason you’d muster when asked why the Pats will win. Brady has proven to be the postseason’s most potent quarterback, and he’s a big reason why you can never count this team out of any game. The Patriots always seem to have luck on their side, especially in the playoffs. It’s not exaggeration to believe that whatever happens in the first three-plus won’t assuage doubts that the Patriots are counted out. They’ll be in it until the game clock strikes 0:00.
Lizzie: Because Tom. Freaking. Brady. I don’t like the guy, and I think a conversation about what his legacy truly is should be had when/if he retires, but one can’t deny he wins or that with him, the game is never too far out of reach. Common sense says the Patriots pull this off. History says the Patriots pull this off. But then again, sometimes those things don’t matter come playoff time. One can hope.
Charles: Because they always do. This team always gets the breaks and it seems last two years, every team that faces them can’t seem to handle ‘The Aura” of Tom Brady and the Patriots.
Katherine: Because they have both the greatest QB and Head Coach of all time, because they have a nearly impossible to stop TE, and countless other options on offense. They have a defensive coordinator who can adjust his team to almost anything, and an offensive coordinator who always seems to have something up his sleeve. Not to mention that the Patriots Dynasty is overwhelming to face. The games are never over when you have Tom Brady throwing the ball and Bill Belichick on the sideline.

Who is your pick for the winner of Super Bowl LII?

Alyssa: Eagles 28, Patriots 27 – I don’t like either of these teams, but I’m tired of seeing the Patriots win year-after-year. It’s time for a new team to hoist the Lombardi Trophy. Just give me a good game; a thrilling game; a game that won’t be about who you want or don’t want to win; a game that’ll go down in the books as one of the best. That’s the hope every year, right? Plus, can you imagine what’ll happen in the city of Philadelphia if the Eagles win Super Bowl LII? But worse, can you imagine what’ll happen in the city of Philadelphia if the Eagles lose?
Lizzie: Eagles 31, Patriots 27 – Look, I don’t want this to happen, but at this point, this is better than the alternative, so whatever. The Patriots also look less like the dominant team they’ve been at times than ever before, so I guess I can root for them to lose, which is not really the same as rooting for the Eagles to win, but close enough.
Charles: Patriots 24, Eagles 10 – Yawn. Hope everyone enjoys the game but I care not a wit for this game. I know what will happen before the game is even played. Brady will throw 3 TDs, Announcers will gush about it, blah, blah, blah. It gets old and tiresome. Sorry but that’s just how I feel.
Katherine: Patriots 28, Eagles 20 – I think that Patriots will win this game, though it will be close (as the Patriots Super Bowls always are) and fought until the end. The Eagles will put up a good fight and truly deserve to be there, but I just cannot bring myself to bet against the Patriots, Tom Brady, and Bill Belichick.
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Super Bowl LII takes place Sunday, Feb. 4 at 6:30pm on NBC.

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