‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 14×11 Review: Dr. Bailey, The Powerhouse of Grey’s Anatomy

We were treated to another stand-alone episode this season on Grey’s Anatomy.

This week’s episode centers on the one and only Dr. Miranda Bailey, AKA our powerhouse of Grey’s Anatomy, AKA the most bad-ass and hardworking Chief of Surgery on TV.

“On (Don’t Fear) the Reaper,” delves into what we fear might be a downfall of Bailey: a heart attack.

Bailey has been a beloved character throughout the years of the show, as she is one of the few original characters left. The way that we’ve been able to see her growth and strength through the seasons has been wonderful.

So when we get this stand-alone episode and when it’s one that’s dealing with her health, we can’t help but feel afraid for what’s to come.

I hope I wasn’t the only one that was getting frustrated with how the doctors at SPH kept insisting that what Bailey was feeling was not a heart attack and that it may be something related to her stress levels or personal life.

Why can’t you just listen to her? Why did they have to make it seem like Bailey’s fear and worry were invalid? Plus, hearing this come from a Chief of Surgery, they should have known to better assess her.

The way that Bailey was being overlooked in this matter, and the way that she basically had to advocate for herself as a patient was hard to watch. Just imagining being put in that situation, a situation where the only person that can feel what you’re feeling is you but it somehow gets dismissed. She was having a heart attack, but even then the doctor made it seem like it was just anxiety or the overwhelming stress factors in her life.

There is also something else that is explored in this episode and it’s Miranda Bailey’s character. You would think after fourteen seasons, we would know our original characters 100%, because we’ve seen them on screen for so long. However, that isn’t true.

But you know what? I’m always up for surprises, and revelations and all kinds of feels because Grey’s Anatomy really does know how to do it best, don’t you think?

We get to see more layers of Bailey’s personality and her character as a whole. There is always something new to learn about someone, and I’m glad we get to see this focus on her in this episode.

Being Chief of Surgery is one of the hardest jobs out there. And, sometimes if you don’t check in and take care of yourself, things can start to get a bit out of place and all the frustration and stress will pile down on you.

That’s pretty much how it was for Bailey, with everything that’s happened at the hospital, with Ben wanting to become a firefighter and all the other past memories of her life that linger in her thoughts.

Alongside Bailey being a tough and bad-ass Chief of Surgery, she has so many other characteristics that have made her into the woman she is now. With her compassion and caring personality meshing with her professionalism and fierceness, she is what keeps Grey’s Anatomy going. She has a vital role on the show and the mere thought of possibly having to lose Bailey in this episode had me very, very worried.

I’m glad Ben rushed to her by her side, that man truly loves her. But I wish she’d called or even let Ben know she wasn’t feeling well that day  when she arrived at the hospital, or at least let him know what was going on. Their quarrel about Ben’s new career change may have been a small issue but I’m so glad to see that they have reconciled and she’s supportive of him doing what he believes he has a passion for.

(Don’t Fear) the Reaper does a great job of depicting what really matters in life and to be true to yourself. Also, great performance by Chandra Wilson as always.

What did you think of this episode of Grey’s Anatomy? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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