‘How To Get Away with Murder’ 4×11 Review: He’s a Bad Father

On this week’s How To Get Away With Murder, things take a sad turn when all the work that is put into Laurel’s trial ends up with Laurel losing custody against her menacing father.

This whole situation is really disheartening for Laurel. I forgot that she never had the chance to even see her baby, let alone get the chance to hold him.

This family drama that circles around Laurel has me thinking twice, maybe even three times on what really is going on. We are introduced to Laurel’s estranged mother, but something seems oddly suspicious about her.

What is she wanting to stir? But the way she did speak about Laurel up on that stand helped me gain some empathy towards Laurel. She is the way that is she because of her childhood, and how she played the role of a parent as she took care of her mother. I think I get it now.

For some reason, I felt like Annalise and Laurel would have had to try harder in order for Laurel to get her baby back. Winning this case hearing would have felt all too easy in a way because it would have been a bit too rushed. But the writers decided to keep the angst going.

Gosh, if only someone could take that smirk off of Mr. Castillo’s face. He has his own agenda. Like he even wants to raise Laurel’s son, doubt it! But this cat and mouse game is going to get a lot more interesting if anything, a lot messier.

This season is heavily focused on Laurel and yes, it’s because it is Laurel’s fault. Even Annalise mentioned it in this episode, which gave me a quick laugh. At least she’s owning up to it, ya know?

Speaking of Annalise, saying this is already making me sad, but she has inadvertently ruined Issac. Who knew that just when you thought there was this really great psychiatrist helping out Annalise from her troubles that the tables would turn the other way, as he’s caught up in this crossfire that is Annalise’s life.

When Issac takes the stand, Mr. Castillo’s lawyer continues to be a complete jerk. The way he attacked Laurel, her mother and Issac on the stand was so frustrating and angering to watch, really. But when he ends up bringing up Issac’s personal life regarding his daughter Stella’s case, that’s when it was the last straw. You could sense how shattered Issac is feeling as he has no choice but to answer the tough questions he was being asked. But then when the lawyer took another the twisty turn and made it seem like Issac staged his daughter’s suicide, my mouth dropped.

What? How? What’s going on here?!

Are we looking into another case now? Something you wouldn’t even begin to think about? I feel bad for Issac. I really do. I wish his character was written to be stronger and not have these storylines that are just heartbreaking. He’s a different man now after getting involved with Annalise.

Everything is getting really complicated. Also, don’t forget the part where Laurel’s mother said “Wes is going to come home,” then she quickly changes it to “Baby Wes.”

Honestly, I was never for the theory of the possibility of Wes actually being alive and that his death was fake, but with stuff like this being tossed around, I can’t help but think about it more.

Stray thoughts:

  • Laurel and her mother were speaking in French most of the time. Interesting.
  • Oliver, stop. Just stop. Going too overboard with this!
  • The situation with Nate’s father is unfortunate. But it’s nice to see Nate getting some more meaningful screen time. Also, attempting to get at Annalise again? Now is not the time, try again later.
  • Watching Frank get nervous around Laurel’s mother was funny.

What did you think of this episode of How To Get Away With Murder? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

How To Get Away With Murder airs Thursdays at 10/9c on ABC.

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