‘Wynonna Earp’: Megan Follows Cast as Momma Earp for Season 3

Megan Follows, known for her time as Queen Catherine de Medici in The CW’s Reign, will be joining the cast of Wynonna Earp when the show returns in late 2018. Follows is one of Canada’s most cherished actresses and most notably known for her role as Anne in the 1985 miniseries Anne of Green Gables.

Emily Andras, the showrunner for this Syfy underdog turned hit, said to TVLine about the casting, “Megan Follows is one of Canada’s most beloved and versatile performers, and we are beyond thrilled to have her onboard for such an iconic role. Her ferocity and fearlessness will fit in fabulously with the rest of our phenomenal cast.”

Momma Earp will follow in the footsteps of her daughters and be a badass with her own baggage. It’s going to be interesting to see how this mother/daughter duo takes on the Earp curse and what Waverly has to say about the mother she thought to be dead.

Wynonna and Waverly are no longer little girls. They are grown women, one just having lost her child because of her need to keep her safe and the other struggling to find where she fits into their family while navigating a beautiful/mature relationship with the woman she loves. Momma Earp is going to have to deal with the repercussions of her departure and the fact that her girls are grown and no longer in need of her protection. And we can’t wait!

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Wynonna Earp is currently filming and will return sometime this year.

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