‘The Blacklist’ 5×13 Photos: ‘The Invisible Hand’

NBC has released the photos for tonight’s new episode of The Blacklist, “The Invisible Hand.” Liz is continuing the search for Tom’s killers, now determined to find out what secret of Red’s he died for. Last week, Red made it pretty definite that he’s never going to tell Liz what the secret is, no matter how much he cares about her. All I know is that it has to be a massive secret for him not to tell Liz even after she directly confronted him. His answer that he knew but “couldn’t tell her” seemed very genuine. It really doesn’t seem that he’s hiding it from her without a  good reason. It sounds like he believes this secret is so catastrophic and damaging that he will do whatever he needs so that it never sees the light of day.

Needless to say this is incredibly frustrating for us as the audience, as we’ve been waiting to find out who the bones in the suitcase belong to and what it means for Red for ages now. In “The Invisible Hand” Red is also giving the Task Force a new blacklister, well group of blacklisters actually. Apparently there is a group of children (now grown up) who have been targeting and killing people who have committed crimes, after they all experienced the death of their families from some kind of disease. Usually vigilante justice wouldn’t be a top priority for The Task Force, but apparently the group has gotten  out of control.

Read the synopsis for “The Invisible Hand” below, and check out the gallery for a sneak peek before the episode tonight.


Red points the Task Force toward a group that targets people with reprehensible but legal actions. As Red helps one of his employees, Liz discovers a clue about Tom’s investigation.

The Blacklist airs at 8/9c on NBC.

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