The ‘Timeless’ Season 2 Trailer Makes Our Heart Skip A Beat

We can’t stop raving about Timeless and we doubt we ever will (if you missed us raving about season 2’s premiere, CLICK HERE).

One of our favorite things about Timeless is the relationships between Rufus, Wyatt, and Lucy. Sure, we’re all about the Lyatt feels, but their relationship and their willingness to always fight for each other drives us. They’re family.

The newest 30 second trailer has our hearts beating out of our chest and us standing up and screaming for the greatness that is Timeless.

“Remember when we thought we were done with all of this,” Rufus says.

Well, we remember when we thought it was over, but it was a time we would rather forget. The 30 second clip has us even more excited for Season 2.

Are you a fan of Timeless?

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