‘Dead Inside’ Adds Freddie Stroma and Joey King To The Cast

Lord, we don’t need another show to want to watch. Really, we don’t. We need to be able to cut down the TV schedule, but we don’t see that happening anytime soon. Especially when we know that Freddie Stroma is returning to TV and Joey King is going to be a part of the show.

Even if the show sounds ridiculous.

Stroma and King have been cast as the leads in Dead Inside. The basics, a cop dies and his little sister, who is also a cop, starts to see his ghost. It’s a strange family dynamic when you’re solving crimes with your dead big brother. Ummm… you thought your relationship with your siblings was complicated.

Stroma plays older brother Zach Gates. Returning as a ghost doesn’t have a ton of advantages, as a matter of fact it’s kinda painful. He returns to find that life isn’t what he thought it was and people… well, they are all full of surprises.

King will play little sister, Emmy. She’s snarky, full of self doubt, but stronger than she ever knew. Life for her is really complicated when her brothers ghost returns.

Also cast was Hayley Marie Norman, who is the receptionist at the police station. She’s blunt as f*ck and wants to be insta-famous. We can’t wait to see that character.

Dead Inside is one of The CW pilots. We’ll wait to see if it’s picked up, but we admit – we’re intrigued.

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