‘How To Get Away With Murder’ 4×13 Review: Lahey v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

On How To Get Away With Murder‘s “Lahey Vs Commonwealth of Pennsylvania” we continue on with the second half of the highly anticipated TGIT crossover with Scandal.

We navigate deeper into Annalise’s quest in presenting her case to the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS).

This crossover exceeded my expectations and pretty much everything I wanted to happen, happened. Though the How To Get Away With Murder part of the crossover was much better than the Scandal one, I’d say.

Following up to the hassle Olivia and Annalise had to go through in the first half of the crossover to get this case approved, we are able to dive more into the relationship of Annalise and Olivia that started off rocky in the beginning.

These two stand out in ways where they show a lot of similarities, so seeing them come at each other and saying things to one another was in fact needed as it kept them in check. The hair salon scene, in particular, was the funny part of it all.

But as they overcome their pride of one another, Olivia does her best in really coming into this case with good intentions, which I found rather shocking given the way her character has been these couple of episodes.

One of the best moments of this episode is when Annalise enters the supreme courtroom before the hearing and the feeling she gets is so powerful.

It was a surreal moment for her, to be IN the room where it all happens, she made it this far and you can see a rush of emotions on her face. She was doing this for herself and she made it.

Leading up to the moment everyone has been waiting for, Annalise gets a call from Jacqueline telling her that not only Issac relapsed but she makes her feel more guilty than ever. When she is struck with all kinds of emotion at that moment, Olivia comes to the rescue to give her a pep talk.

Lemme tell you all, at that moment, I saw the Olivia Pope we all loved in the beginning, the one I believe has been lost for a while.

Can they bring this Olivia Pope back before Scandal ends? She was there for as genuinely as she could, rooting for her being that sister and companion Annalise needed.

As Annalise calms her nerves and goes in for the fight against the SCOTUS, I was left in awe and chills during the whole time. It was powerful, Annalise spoke so much truth and in that truth, there was a lot of pain and hope mixed in one. The issue without our justice system is something that is real when it comes to incarcerating African Americans and how they are treated unfairly under the law.

I began to feel emotional during that scene, Annalise goes about it with so much poise, confidence, and honesty that I was applauding her. Viola Davis as usually kills it.

“Racism is built into the DNA of America. And as long as we turn a blind eye to the pain of those in oppression, we will never escape those origins.”- Annalise

Sometimes you need a TV show to showcase important issues that are happening in real life, and this crossover really nailed it in bringing up this issue.

Bringing Annalise and Olivia together for this crossover was perfect, I think we all needed to see them together. They are fierce, unapologetically powerful Black women that hold a lot of power.

Combining their abilities together for a plot as important as this truly shows you how great they can be together.

I truly enjoyed this episode and the growth we were able to see within Annalise and just the reactions between her and Olivia made it that much more interesting to watch.

Other thoughts:

  • Ugh, so we know Michaela cheated on Asher, but I can’t help but admit that Michaela and Marcus look so good together. They’re just alike and that’s what attracted Michaela the most.
  • I wanted to see more of Connor in the first half of the episode since you know, Michaela was the one that took over his case. But at least he got the credit, which put a frown on Michaela’s face.
  • Annalise and Olivia’s wardrobe throughout both episodes were on point.
  • Soo…Wes is REALLY dead, right? Laurel’s mother is in a lot of trouble now.

What did you think of this episode of How To Get Away With Murder? And the crossover in general? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

How To Get Away With Murder airs Thursdays at 10/9c on ABC

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