‘iZombie’ 4×02 Photos & Sneak Peeks: Blue Bloody

Big hair, martinis with brains, and fancy clothes that definitely cost Liv more than she’s willing to admit, are coming for us in iZombie’s “Blue Bloody.” A dowager has been killed and Liv is lucky enough to be dealt the case and every ridiculous quirk that comes with eating this woman’s brain.

On the Clive and Bozzio side of things, they’re struggling to maintain the relationship they have now, especially after her turning into a zombie. Right now they’re the only ship on this show that I’m 100% behind and I hope they make it out alright!

Check out the synopsis for iZombie‘s “Blue Bloody”:

It’s a real-life game of clue for Liv (Rose McIver) after she eats the brains of a despicable dowager and must determine which one of her disgruntled servants killed her. Clive (Malcolm Goodwin) and Bozzio (guest star Jessica Harmon, “The 100”) are struggling to maintain a healthy relationship. Meanwhile, circumstances place Major (Robert Buckley) and Liv in opposition to one another.

Check out the trailer for iZombie‘s “Blue Bloody”:

iZombie airs on Mondays at 9/8c on The CW.

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