Family is Everything in Starz Official Trailer for ‘Vida’

Vida is a half-hour drama about two Latinx sisters, Emma (Mishel Prada) and Lyn (Melissa Barrera), that are forced to return to their old neighborhood, where they are confronted by some hard truths about their past and mother. And what makes this story a Latinx writers wet dream (besides its Latinx leads that aren’t tanned fake Latinas as we’ve seen other shows do at an alarming rate) is that…IT’S WRITTEN BY AN ALL-LATINX WRITERS ROOM!

In this first official trailer for the show we’re shown that family is everything. No matter how much time has passed or what things we might be holding onto from our pasts, family trumps it all. Even when you find out your mother had a secret wife, family wins. Even when you have to stay longer in a neighborhood that doesn’t respect you with a sister that you don’t talk to, family wins.

This focus on family makes us even more excited to get our hands on this show because it’s being treated like any other drama. There’s no cheesy music or girls popping gum and breaking out into salsa. It’s a family drama with women trying to figure out how to get resolution with a mother that has passed, a life that one has left behind, and love that isn’t available to us.

Before you watch the trailer, make sure to follow Starz Vida, Tanya Saracho (Creator/EP/Showrunner), Mishel Prada (Emma), and Melissa Barrera (Lyn) on Twitter! It’s essential to support these shows and let your voices be heard by the people over at Starz! It’s how we let Hollywood know that we are more than ready for content created, starring, and written by Latinx voices!

Check out the first full trailer for Starz Vida below:


Vida premieres May 6 on Starz. We’ll be here to give it love, and yes, to review it.

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